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Using the recording studios

Kvinna med hörlurar sitter framför mikrofon och dator.Recording studios are available for LiU’s teaching staff at Campus Norrköping, Campus Valla, and University Hospital Campus. You can use the studios to record in insulated surroundings with a high-quality microphone.

One common application to which sound can be added are PowerPoint presentations. 

It is important when booking a studio that you have prepared the material such that you can get started with recording immediately, using the booked session efficiently. It’s a good idea to obtain help from the ICT teaching personnel at Didacticum: use them as a sounding board and source of inspiration. Contact Anna F Söderström, who is coordinator for the ICT teaching staff, and make an appointment.


Book a studio using TimeEdit. Search for the name of the room as specified below.


  • Campus Valla: SH6465, Studenthuset, Level 6Kvinna sitter framför dator och redigerar något på skärmen.In TimeEdit: InspValla 1
  • Campus Norrköping: KH529 (no. 1) and KH530 (no. 2), Kopparhammaren 7, Level 3.
    In TimeEdit: InspNkpg 1 and InspNkpg 2
  • University Hospital Campus: Building 007, Clinicum, Level 12, Entrance 54
    In TimeEdit: InspUS1
    If you have Campus US as your primary workplace, you have access to this recording room.


  • A stationary computer with two screens.
  • Software for sound recording and commonly used standard software, such as Microsoft Office
  • Headphones
  • A high-quality USB microphone
  • The studios are fitted with sound-insulating material.

The studios are suitable 1-2 people to work together.

Inside a booked studio you will find all the technical aids needed to create a sound recording. All studios have the same type of equipment.

Log in to the computer that is in the studio using your LiU ID, and work with your files on LiU central storage. Do not save any files on the local computer.


General instructions are available here, and on printed instruction sheets in the studios.

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Last updated: 2020-08-21