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Computer-aided examinations in Windows computer labs

Booking of examination

  • Examinations are booked in LiU’s examination booking system, using the same procedure as ordinary written examinations.
  • If the component has never been tested using computer-aided examination, contact the IT Helpdesk via this form to discuss adaptation of a new environment, and other details.
  • If the examination component (with the same course code and examination code) has previously been tested in a computer lab, and no changes are to be made, no further contact is necessary.
  • If a component is to be changed, contact the IT Helpdesk via this form to discuss adaptation of the environment.
  • Anonymous examinations with AID (anonymous ID) are possible and desirable. These are booked through Tentamensservice.

Before the examination

  • Any files required for the students to complete the tasks are to be uploaded to a specified location by teacher/administrator in charge before the examination. The contact person at the IT Division will inform you of the location where files are to be uploaded. Note: the files must be at the location before the first student logs in.
  • Remind the students that they must have their LiU ID and password.

During the examination

  • In case of technical problems, call the Helpdesk on 013-28 28 28.
  • The students always log in with their regular LiU ID.
  • For anonymous examinations: unregistered students and students who have had help registering for the examination must take their examination anonymously. In these cases, a box appears where the student enters his or her AID (anonymous ID) number, which is handed out by the examination supervisor (separate instruction).
  • If the student has to change computer, ensure that he or she logs out (if possible) and then changes computer. All files are moved automatically, if he or she logs in again within 10 minutes.
  • When the student has finished his or her examination, the student should move his or her solution files to “Exam hand in”, which is located on the computer’s desktop.

After the examination

  • The teacher/administrator in charge retrieves the submitted files from the specified location.
  • Any problems are to be reported to the IT Helpdesk via this form.
  • At the request of the student and the examiner, the IT Division can help to find backup files if the mistake happened during the examination (within 30 days).


Information for students

Information is available on the examination guide pages.

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