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Computer-aided examinations in Linux computer labs

Booking of examination

Examinations are booked in LiU's examination booking system, using the same procedure as ordinary written examinations.

Before the examination

Four working weeks before the examination

The course administrator uses the Helpdesk to provide the IT Division with information about:

  • course code
  • examination date
  • an estimate of the number of students
  • the name of the examiner
  • the name of the on-call teacher (who is often the examiner).

The course administrator shares the case created for the examination with the examiner and on-call teacher, using the LiUdesk interface.

The IT Division sends confirmation to the course administrator that the information has been received.

Two working weeks before the examination

A technician updates the case in LiUdesk with the name of the technician who will be on call.

After the deadline for registration

The course administrator updates the case and provides the Exam Service Office with information about:

  • which rooms have been booked
  • the number of students registered
  • whether any students have been granted extra time.

The course administrator also provides this information to the examiner in printed form.

A technician confirms in the case that the information has been received.

The technician requests information from the examiner concerning files and set-up (at least one working before the examination).

At least three working days before the examination

The examiner updates the case with information about set-up for programs and accounts.

A technician confirms in the case that the information has been received.

Before the morning of the working day immediately before the examination

The examiner sends any files that are required for the examination to the technician in the case. Alternatively, the examiner personally places the files in the course directory, under “Courses”, when the examination begins. If this alternative is used, the examiner provides information that this procedure will be used in the case.

A technician confirms in the case that the information has been received.

The examiner passes the examination to the course administrator to be copied and sent to the Exam Service Office.

When sending the examination to the Exam Service Office

The course administrator adds information about the technician who is on-call.

During the examination

In case of technical problems, call the on-call technician.

Students are always to log on using their LiU ID.

If a student needs to switch to another computer, contact the on-call technician.

When a student has completed the examination, the student is to process the answers files as specified by the examiner (for example, print them out or move them to a particular directory).

After the examination

The technician updates the case where relevant with solution files from students.

Any problems that arose are reported in the case.

When requested by a student and the examiner, the IT Division can help to recover backup files if mistakes have occurred during the examination (within 30 days).

Information for students

Information for students is available on the examination pages at the Student Portal.

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Last updated: 2020-01-14