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Technical System Administration

The technical system administration service entails administration and operation of computer systems. In this regard, there is a difference between systems designed in-house and third party systems, and systems where the two are combined. Technical system administration currently contains the following services:

  • Maintenance (upgrading and security patching, etc.) of databases, web servers and other associated systems.
  • Management of defects, optimisation and improvement of existing functionality in the administrated system.
  • Management of server modifications (can also be performed as a consultation service).

Our services may be performed on a number of different technologies and platforms, for example: Java, Perl, Python, Linux, Solaris, Html, Xml, Xslt, Soap, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

LiU IT is experienced at developing and managing study-administrative and other university-related systems.


All assignments are charged at SEK 540/hour for 2016, which is based fundamentally on rates established by the University Services (UF).

To order

A system development assignment is may be ordered after contact with the Head of Division at LiU IT APP, who obtains the necessary information for the planning and monitoring of the work.

Head of Division APP:

Cajsa (Eva-Karin) Andersson
Telephone: +46 (0)13 281755
Email: cajsa.andersson@liu.se

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Last updated: 2016-03-31