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System Development

System development is an important part of LiU IT. The development of new systems and the continued development of existing systems is part of our job. LiU IT is experienced at developing and managing study-administrative and other university-related systems. The following services are currently available:

  • Pilot studies for system development and integration.
  • Project management of system development and integration.
  • System integration
  • System testing

Our services may be performed on a number of different technologies and platforms, including: Java, Perl, Python, Linux, Solaris, Html, Xml, Xslt, Soap, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.


All assignments are charged at SEK 540/hour for 2016, which is based fundamentally on rates established by the University Services (UF).

To order

A system development assignment may be ordered after contact with the Head of Division at LiU IT Technical System Maintenance and Development (APP), who obtains the necessary information for the planning and monitoring of the work.

Head of Division APP:

Miriam (Maria) Tegelaers
Telephone: 013-28 2588
Email: miriam.tegelaers@liu.se

Pilot study

The project is normally preceded by a pilot study, which entails a proposed solution being developed on the basis of the information you have provided, and for any continued discussions with you regarding ambiguities.
Once we have a clear picture of what needs to be done, we provide pricing information and a preliminary schedule for the work.
When the assignment has begun, we keep you informed about how the work is proceeding, usually on a weekly basis.

Important for you as the client

Allocate sufficient time for the assignment. This includes time for initiation and monitoring of the assignment, and any investigations and tests that need to be performed during the process.
Produce a written specification of requirements for the development work, where the different requirements are clearly ranked in terms of priority, alternatively an assignment description for administration or technical consultation work.

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