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Database Hotel

LiU IT offers space for your databases in the Oracle database server. The system is configured in order to achieve maximum security and flexibility in operations.

The service includes the following:

  • Database administration, which includes:
  1. A technical contact person acting as an adviser for, among other things, performance problems, security issues etc.
  2. Security patching of the system as and when necessary (normally four times per year)
  3. Minor supervision of individual database performance is included, more extensive work with the database structure is offered as special assignments.
  4. Management of database users, with administration of rights.
  5. Configuration of firewalls and databases for access by IP addresses specified by the customer.
  6. General monitoring of the system through daily checks of log files, among other things.
  • Backup of databases which is performed to a separate building, and restoring if necessary.
  • Automatic monitoring of the operation of the database with remedying of faults (during normal office hours 08-17).

Two forms of service are offered, depending on the need:

  • Oracle Standard, suited for systems with 24-hour operation requirement
  • Oracle Mini, suited for development and test systems requiring shared databases.

Prices and ordering

Pricing and ordering of the "Database Hotel" service is done through contact with the person responsible at LiU IT, who obtains the necessary information in dialogue with the client in order to plan and monitor the work and establish the price depending on your requirements and needs.

Contact details

Responsible for the service:
Dejan Ilic


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Last updated: 2013-01-17