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IT security

Linköping University is subject every day to attempts to steal information or commit fraud, and it nearly always starts with an email message. The purpose of this information on these pages is to arouse your interest and awareness for IT security. There are a number of simple measures that you can take to improve IT security.


Actions that co-workers can take


Illustration över olika säkerhetsikoner.IT security in day-to-day work

Increasing awareness of security need not mean introducing a lot of hassle. Make sure that you lock the computer if you leave it unattended, and be restrictive when using unknown networks – these are two of our tips.







Illustration över dator med hänglås och säkert lösenord.10 tips for a more secure password

It is often a challenge to have several different passwords and remember them all, but techniques are available to create secure passwords that you can remember. Try creating a chant!







Illustration av molntjänster för filförvaring.Organising and storing files

Problems often arise unexpectedly, and on the most unsuitable occasions. If the worst comes to the worst and your computer crashes, is stolen or becomes encrypted – do you have backup copies of your files, such that you can continue working? Spend some time reviewing how you store your files.









Illustration på person som arbetar vid två datorskärmarPreventive measures against viruses

Some problems can be avoided by installing an antivirus program, but it is also important that you take care when downloading files and programs from the internet.





Illustration över mail med dödskalle; bedrägerimail.What to do if you are infected by a virus

If your computer becomes infected by a virus or becomes encrypted, contact the incident response team (IRT) or Helpdesk to obtain help. You can, however, first try these ideas.





Illustration av nätfiske: en fiskekrok lyfter upp personlig information från en datorskärmSee through phishing and attempted fraud

Email has become the principal tool of cybercriminals. Linköping University is subject every day to attempts to steal information or commit fraud, and it nearly always starts with an email message.







Contact IRT in the event of any difficulties

Never hesitate to contact the IT security unit at LiU (IRT) if you are the target of, for example, attempted fraud, phishing or a virus infection. We are fully aware that sometimes things simply go wrong, and we want to help you minimise any damage or problems that arise.

Tel. 013-28 17 44

  • spam@liu.se (to report spam)
  • nonspam@liu.se (to report authentic mail erroneously labelled as spam)
  • abuse@liu.se (other matters).

Full contact details of the IRT are available here.

Training for your unit, division or work group

The IRT at LiU offers internal training in IT and information security. Take preventative action and learn more about a specific area, or obtain a general review.

More information about training in IT security

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Last updated: 2019-06-18