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You can report any type of IT security incident, such as intrusions, intrusion attempts, spam, network abuse, etc that is related to Linköping University, regardless of whether you are affected at the university or you are an external party that suspects someone at the university is engaged in shenanigans that affect you. We do not handle issues that are unrelated to Linköping University.

Please write or speak English (or Swedish) when contacting us.


spam@liu.se (forward spam here)
nonspam@liu.se (forward mail incorrectly marked as spam here)

abuse@liu.se (all other issues)

The addresses above are handled by a ticket tracking system. If you are sure you need to reach us outside of that system, you can use irt@liu.se instead.

PGP keys

Use the current operations key if you need a secure channel to LiU IRT (also works for mail to abuse@liu.se):

Operations key
pub 2048R/2B8F29D2 2017-12-20 <irt@liu.se>
Linköping University Incident Response Team (operations key 2018)
Key fingerprint = 8318 3890 F277 4E06 BBAF  A4A1 F093 06E2 2B8F 29D2

Master key-signing-key

pub 4096R/C257EF24 2012-04-24 <irt@liu.se>
Linköping University Incident Response (master key-signing key)
Fingerprint=D442 01E5 D1ED 75B4 CCAA F4C5 1956 2F62 C257 EF24


Telephone: +46 (0)13 281744 (internal extension: 1744).

If you can't reach us at that number, please call LiU-IT's Helpesk at +46 (0)13 282828. They will receive your report and pass it on to the IRT.


Contact LiU IRT


spam@liu.se (to report spam)
nonspam@liu.se (to report e-mail incorrectly marked as spam)

abuse@liu.se (all other issues)

Email to these addresses are forwarded to a request tracking system.

Telephone: +46 (0)13 281744

LiU IRT is normally available 0900-1700 Mondays through Fridays. LiU is located in timzeone GMT+1 (GMT+2 during daylight savings time).

LiU IRT is certified by Trusted Introducer and a member of FIRST.


LiU's Helpdesk

+46 (0)13 282828
Create support ticket via MinIT


Shortcuts A-Ö

A-Ö IT (in Swedish)




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