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IT and information security

The Incident Response Team (IRT) at LiU offers internal training in IT and information security. We list below examples of the training courses offered. We can customise a course based on the wishes of your group or division.

Contact us if you want any other form of training in IT or information security: abuse@liu.se.

IT security at Linköping University

This course covers, among other things, information security, confidentiality and accessibility, and other topics relevant to your daily work. We also summarise various common types of threat – including malware, viruses and various types of fraud. The course provides help and advice about what you as LiU co-worker should consider, and the best methods of protection.

Work with IT and information security at LiU is also described, and the support that is available to co-workers.


Approximately 30-45 minutes

This course is held at least twice a year during the IT training days. Contact us at abuse@liu.se if you would like us to offer the course at another time.

Day-to-day IT security

How easy is it to break a password? What common methods are used for fraud? With the aid of relevant examples, we describe how you can improve IT security at both work and home.


Approximately 30 minutes

Subject-specific courses

In-depth courses on a specific topic, such as:

  • Ransomware and phishing
  • How to handle files and data securely – back-ups and file storage
  • Personal data processing and GDPR.


Depends on the topic and nature of the course

Information security and LIS at LiU

An in-depth course in information security and LIS (Ledningssystem för Informationssäkerhet, management system for information security) that discusses the guidelines in place for managing all types of information. The course describes classification models, risk management, information inventories, etc.


Approximately 30-45 minutes.

Contact LiU IRT


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nonspam@liu.se (to report e-mail incorrectly marked as spam)

abuse@liu.se (all other issues)

Email to these addresses are forwarded to a request tracking system.

Telephone: +46 (0)13 281744

LiU IRT is normally available 0900-1700 Mondays through Fridays. LiU is located in timzeone GMT+1 (GMT+2 during daylight savings time).

LiU IRT is certified by Trusted Introducer and a member of FIRST.


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