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Wireless networks

At Linköping University there are two types of wireless networks, Netlogon and Eduroam.

Netlogon is easy to get started with but a log in is needed every time you connect to the network, it has reduced functionality and is not available at all campuses.

Eduroam is a bit complicated to setup, but once configured you will automatically get authenticated when you connect to the network. Eduroam can be used at other universities that are members of the Eduroam community.

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About Eduroam


Eduroam is an international collaborative effort where universities and higher education institutions allow partner university users to access their wireless computer network. Eduroam is based on technology that allows for encrypted connection between computer and access point (base station), which entails a higher security level than Netlogon.

The computer must be configured through a couple of steps before Eduroam may be used. However this only needs to be done once, and upon completion, the computer automatically logs in to the system each time Eduroam network coverage is available, anywhere in the world. No more login pages, in other words!

Usage at other universities

Eduroam can be used at all locations in the world that participate in the international Eduroam collaboration. However for the sake of simplicity, Eduroam settings should be configured whilst the computer is connected to the LiU network.

What is Netlogon?

Linköping university offers guests internet access through netlogon on Campus Valla, Campus Norrköping and Malmstens. Netlogon is available where LiU has wireless networking. A temporary account is required to access netlogon; temporary accounts can be created by all LiU employees.

Students and staff should use Eduroam instead of Netlogon, since Netlogon has reduced functionality and is not available on all campuses.

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Last updated: 2019-09-10