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If you are unable to get netlogon to work, start by going through the following checklist:

  • If you are using wireless networking, check that you are in an area with wireless coverage.
  • Is wireless networking turned on? Many laptops have a physical switch that can be used to activate or deactivate wireless networking. It is also possible to deactivate wireless networking using the control panel.
  • If your computer configured to receive an address automatically using DHCP?
  • Does the computer have a valid IP address? The IP address should have the form 10.x.y.z. In Windows, check this by running the command cmd (press the Windows key and R together, then type cmd in the box that appears, and hit enter) and issuing the command ipconfig in the black-and-white window that appears. In MacOS X, check the IP address in the network settings.
  • Can you access http://netlogon.liu.se/?
  • Check that you don't have a proxy configured in your web browser.
  • Check that you selected the correct account type when logging in to netlogon.
  • Do you get an error message when logging on or connecting?

Common problems

  • The computer has a wireless signal, but does not receive an IP address. Turn off all functions intended to speed up the wireless network. These usually have names like Super-G, Nitro and Channel Bonding. Only standard networking is supported.
  • The computer gets a 10.x.y.z address but cannot access the login page. Check that the computer gets its address using DHCP. Manual network configuration will be used if they are configured, but they will not work on netlogon.


For support, contact LiU-IT's helpdesk. Before calling, please review the checklist above to see if that helps solve your problem. The helpdesk will want answers to the questions below, so try to have the information available before you call, or include the information when you contact them via email:

  • Where are you trying to connect?
  • What kind of account are you logging on to?
  • How far in the checklist did you get?

LiU-IT's helpdesk

For students:
Telephone: 013-28 5898
Email: datorsupport@student.liu.se

For staff:
Telephone: 013-28 2828
Email: helpdesk@liu.se

On the web:
Fill in this form to send your support request to helpdesk via email:
Form for support request via the web



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