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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Eduroam at other universities?

Yes. A list of Swedish participants can be found at http://www.eduroam.se and international participants at http://www.eduroam.org.

How do I configure my computer for Eduroam?

See web page for instructions. You are welcome to use other operating systems or mobile units but unfortunately we cannot provide any support in regard to these.

What is my Eduroam password?

In order to use Eduroam, you must create a new password specifically for this purpose. You may do so in MinIT, where you log in with your usual LiU ID. Click on My Account. Then click Eduroam.

Why does Eduroam require a separate password?

This is primarily due to security reasons. Partly because the Eduroam password is normally saved on the computer together with the configuration, and we do not think this should be necessary with the LiU ID password. In addition, it is possible to trick users into connection to false access points and steal the user's password in this way. And lastly, certain technical limitations in many operating systems are overcome by having a separate password for Eduroam.

Why am I unable to choose my own password?

We want to actively prevent our users from using the same password as that for the usual LiU ID. The password that is generated is difficult. But, since it only needs to be entered once per configuration, we hope that it will be manageable.

A visitor of mine from another university is unable to use our Eduroam network, who shall I turn to?

As a visitor, you should always turn to your own university. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the IT Division to troubleshoot external users. However, it is possible for employees to create a visitor account for Netlogon.

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Last updated: 2019-06-19