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Linköping University offers a number of different email services intended to simplify the co-worker’s day-to-day work, such as the dissemination of information at the University. Information with regard to the email services offered to LiU employees is found below.

Central email services

  • Personal mailbox - included in both standard and limited IT subscriptions.
    Employees and colleagues associated with Linköping University have the opportunity to receive an email address and person mailbox with 5 GB storage space in the LiU central email system. The personal mailbox can be reached both through normal email programs and via a web interface. The personal mailbox is included in both standard and limited IT subscriptions.
  • Function addresses
    A function address is connected to a specific function or service and is not associated with an individual person. This means that the address is simply redirected to different people or groups, for example, when someone changes work duties or will be absent for an extended period. There is no need for people trying to contact the function to update their address books, or even be aware of the change, but they may continue to use the same email address as before. Examples of function mail addresses are infocenter@liu.se and helpdesk@liu.se.
  • Shared mailbox
    If several different people need to be able to read and send email via the same address, a "shared mailbox" can be used. Emails sent to the shared mailbox end up in a particular file, which can be accessed by those who have been provided with authorization to the mailbox. By collecting mail in the same location, it is easier to manage shared e-mails and, for example, avoid having the same email answered by several different people or that it falls between the cracks.


Email services may be ordered through the person responsible for accounts at your department or division. If you are unsure as to who this person is, you may contact IT's Helpdesk on 013-28 28 28 or via email helpdesk@liu.se, and we shall assist you with this information.


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