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LiU-ID is the centralized solution for usernames at LiU. Each LiU-ID is unique and consists of four or five letters and two numbers. The letters are combined by a person's given name and family name while the numbers are generated. Many services at LiU can be accessed with LiU-ID.

A LiU-ID can be obtained by Employee's, Students and sometimes Associates at LiU.

How do I get a LiU-ID?

The procedure is different for students, employee's and associates. As a new employee you automatically get a LiU-ID, but as an associate you need to get it from the Account administrator at the department or unit to which you belong. If you are unsure as to who this person is, you may find information here or contact IT's Helpdesk, and we shall assist you with this information.

Do I need to do anything in order to use my LiU-ID?

Yes you need activate it before you can use it and sign the contingent liability. https://minit.liu.se/activation

How can I change my password?

Go to https://minit.liu.se/myaccounts.

Where can I use my LiU-ID?

The list of services using LiU-ID is extensive. The following use LiU-ID at present: personal mailbox (Exchange), Lisam, File Storage folders, Netlogon, VPN, library databases and journals, computer rooms (some), AD client and more.

How much does it cost to have a LiU-ID?

That depends on which type of administration account a LiU-ID is connected to. As an employee your LiU-ID is connected to a PA account and as an associate your LiU-ID is connected to a decision account.

See information: http://www.liu.se/insidan/it/konto/abonnemang?l=en.


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