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Lisam student account

Creating what is known as a “Lisam student account” enables logging in and viewing the contents of a course room in Lisam just as a student sees it.

The IT Division has introduced a function in MinIT to create such an account. The account is linked to you personally, and it is important that you choose a unique password for this account. Note that it is not intended that you use the account to create or store material: you should use your usual LiU account for this.

The address of such a Lisam student account does not have the same form as a true student account, but has the form student_liuid@student.liu.se.

The Lisam student account only receives Sharepoint licence (including Teams and Stream). The account does not receive an email inbox.

Two steps are necessary to be able to use such an account:

  1. Create a Lisam student account
    To create an account, visit MinIT at minit.liu.se. Select My accounts. Click on Show more to obtain access to the Lisam student account function. Follow the instructions to create the account.
  2. Add the account as a member in the course room
    ​After creating a Lisam student account, you must add it to as a member of the course room in Lisam. This is possible in two ways:
    1. See the Lisam manual (Section 3) for how to add the account through Lisam.
    2. If you are familiar with the Group Manager (GM), it is possible to add the account using it. Use the manual group (whose name ends with “-manual”).

NOTE: It may take approximately 15 minutes before you can log in with the account in Lisam after creating the account.
After that, it's possible to log in using the account and visit the course room.

Distinguishing between accounts

It’s easy to log in to the wrong account when managing more than one. This may occur, for example if you have passwords saved in the web browser or if you are already logged in under another tab of the web browser (in which case you will be automatically logged in in new tabs that you open). Here are some ideas for how to distinguish between accounts and know which account you are logged in under.

  • All Lisam student accounts will have initials as the profile picture. So it’s a good idea if you have a true profile picture on your usual LiU account, such that it’s easy to see which account you are logged in under at the upper right corner of Lisam, where the profile picture is displayed.
  • When logged in to the Lisam student account, use a different web browser than the one you usually use. It is then possible to be logged in at the same time to your usual account in one web browser and the Lisam student account in another browser.
  • An alternative to using a completely different web browser is to be use a private window in the web browser. Different web browsers use different names for this function. Chrome: Incognito Window. Firefox: Private Window. Safari: Private Window. Edge: InPrivate Window. The command for this function is located at the same place in the web browser menu as the function to open a normal new tab or new window.

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Last updated: 2020-09-14