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Group Manager

The GM service is a way to manage groups. Groups can be used for various things, e.g. for mailing lists, to control authorisation for a service or for a collaboratory space in Lisam. You can also have a group to simply keep a list of a number of people, without using it with any technical system. A group can consist of both LiU employees and external contacts. Even if this text uses the term ‘group’ frequently, you can also think of it as a mailing list. A mailing list is a group.

What makes a group so powerful is that it can contain both manually entered LiU-IDs and other groups. This means that if there is already a group that someone else is managing, you can add it as a member of your group, and benefit from the fact that its members are managed somewhere else.

An example: teacher groups for course instances that are normally managed by administrators and/or teachers of each course instance. If you want all the teachers for a particular course instance to be members of your group, you only have to search for that instance in GM, and then add the group that ends in -teachers.

Organisational groups already created

You don't need to create a group for your department (or similar), division or unit, because these groups have already been automatically generated in our system. The members are added and removed automatically, based on employment status in Primula. To add an organisational group as member of your group, search for department (or similar), division or unit, e.g. the department UF-LIUIT-all.

See the image below for an overview of the existing organisational groups and the email addresses that are linked to each group.

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