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GM – search mailing lists

Search mailing lists

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Course instance

Use GM to find and view details of a mailing list for a course instance. This is an automatically generated group that you can see in GM and use in Outlook for mailouts. Use the search field on the first page or select “Advanced search”. In the search results you can check who is a member of the group or the mailing list. In a group you can be both a direct and an indirect member. By “List A” being added to “List B”, “List A” becomes an indirect member there.

Which list am I searching for?

There are several different lists you will see in the system. When you want to email a student group in an ongoing course, you want registered and manually entered addresses. They can be found in the mailing list without a suffix, i.e. without e.g. -admitted or -teachers.

Note: The group with the ending -admitted is not primarily for email purposes; it is an administrative function to give authorisation to digital course rooms in Lisam. A person can be admitted without having proceeded to the next step and registered for the course. Students who are completely new at LiU cannot access their email until they are registered. For this reason, we do not recommend that you use groups with the ending -admitted for mailouts.

Examples of email addresses for a course instance:

Registered and manually added students: 738g26_2019st_fl@student.liu.se

Admitted students: 738g26_2019st_fl-admitted@student.liu.se

Teachers: 738g26_2019st_fl-teachers@student.liu.se


As soon as students have been registered in Ladok, they are included in the group admitted.

As soon as a student has registered for a course, he or she is moved to the group registered and manually added students.


Questions and answers

  • I want to reach programme students who are studying a particular term. What should I do?

Use the programme code and start a search in order to get suggestions. Whether they are now in term 2 or 6, they are on the list for the year and the term they began their studies, and that is the list you should use. 

  • In the mailing lists, which email address is used for students?

Their email address at LiU: liuid@student.liu.se The email address that the students have registered in Ladok is not used here.

  • The two numbers/letters at the end of the list's name: what do they mean?

The numbers and letters are randomly selected; they have no meaning. They are there for technical reasons (see also question below).

  • Why are there several identical mailing lists whose names are only distinguished by the numbers/letters at the end?

This is because there are several course instances running simultaneously. They might differ in terms of pace or location, but they are different course instances. This reflects how it looks in Bilda and Ladok.


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