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IT subscriptions

This page describes in brief the components of various IT subscriptions. The basic idea of the IT subscription is that it comprises services and functions that are direct connected to you as co-worker or user of the IT infrastructure at LiU.

The official document (in Swedish), Riktlinjer för tillgång till IT- och tekniska resurser vid Linköpings universitet, gives further information and describes the types of subscription available. This information is also given below.

Services and functions

  • Email and calendar. Email management is based on Exchange, which also offers a calendar function and many other facilities.
  • Local storage of files at LiU (maximum 150 GB).
  • Storage of files in Lisam and Microsoft OneDrive (unlimited storage).
  • Basic telephone services in the form of a mobile connection, with a telephonist and switchboard function.
  • The possibility for co-workers and departments to publish websites using the Sitecore web publishing system.
  • Connection of a co-worker’s computer to the LiU network, either by a wireless or a wired connection.
  • Secure connection (over VPN) to the LiU network.
  • Support and service by telephone from the IT Division Helpdesk.
  • Licences for some Microsoft programmes (e.g. Office).
  • Access to the LiU collaboration forum, Lisam.


  • Operation of computer halls at Campus Valla.
  • Operation of all local and shared networks at LiU, including connection to SUNET.
  • IT security functions to continuously monitor and prevent spam and intrusion into the LiU IT systems.

Table of IT subscriptions

Available in Swedish, switch language on this page.

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