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Mac computers at LiU

Versions of Mac OS

The following versions of the operating system are in use at LiU:




10.15 Catalina

October 2019


10.14 Mojave

September 2018

To be phased out autumn 2021

10.13 High Sierra

September 2017

Being phased out autumn 2020

The versions listed above are the ones for which Apple releases security updates. Older versions are not permitted for use at LiU.

Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

This version was released in October 2019 and provides several new functions, improvements, and increased security. This is a major upgrade, and one of the major changes is that 32-bit programs will no longer work. If you are running old programs, you must ensure that these are 64-bit versions in order to continue using them. The upgrade process warns if it finds any such programs on the computer and gives the opportunity to interrupt the installation.

The upgrade to Catalina has previously been blocked on the LiU computers to avoid the unforeseen problems that can often arise when a new version of an OS is released. The block has been removed since know issues have been resolved.

Program installation

The IT Division distributes several software packages through an application called Self Service. This application can be found as a LiU icon in the Dock and can be accessed through the Spotlight search function.

In Self Service you will find the most common software packages used at LiU, such as the Office suite and other licensed programs.

Office 365

Please upgrade to Office 365 through the Self Service application before 13 October 2020 when support for Office 2016 expires.

Antivirus programs

The LiU guidelines for information security state that all clients must use protection against malware. ESET Antivirus is the progam used for Mac computers. It has an effective real-time protection and allows LiU’s IT technicians to assess and deal with any problems found.


Search for Mac or any other topic in the knowledge base at the Service website in LiUdesk to find guides and answers to frequently asked questions.

Install printers on Mac

See this page for more information.

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Last updated: 2020-09-28