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Doodle can be used with your LiU account as log in. Suggest times for a meeting, if you can’t use other methods, such as the Outlook calendar, to find a meeting time. A handy feature is that Doodle allows you to create meetings that limit the number of votes per option - first come, first served, i.e. it’s only possible for one person or a few to book one option.

LiU does not permit syncing of employees’ calendars to Doodle, since calendars may contain sensitive or restricted information.

Here’s how you log in:

  • Go to https://liu.se/doodle (save this link to your bookmarks in your browser).
  • You will be redirected to LiU's log in page.
  • Enter your email address at LiU (format: liuid@liu.se) and your password.

Note: it’s not possible to log in with your LiU ID in the app for mobile phone and tablet since Doodle doesn’t provide SSO* log in there yet (September 2020).

Data stored in cloud-based services

Remember when using a cloud-based service that the service-provider can access and save the information (data) that you place there. Read the privacy policy for the service in question for details of how a particular provider manages information.

Doodle privacy policy


*SSO is short for Single Sign On and means that the service you’re using has enabled log in using a existing account, in this case your LiU ID.

Possible to connect calendars to Doodle

LiU has opened the possibility to connect calendars to Doodle. The connection makes it possible to use several functions in Doodle, and makes it easier to respond to enquiries about bookings. At the same time, it is important to remember that the supplier has the technical ability to gain access to all the information in your calendar.

  • Great care must be taken when connecting your calendar to Doodle. Remove the connection when it is no longer required. Information about how to make the connection and then remove it can be found at the Service website in LiUdesk.
  • Doodle gains technical access to all information in your calendar. Take great care to ensure that you do not share information to which Doodle does not have the right of access. This is true for the Subject line and for the contents of the invitation.
  • Remember that sensitive personal data and information that is subject to confidentiality must not be entered into a calendar at all, independently of whether the calendar is connected to Doodle or not.
  • Anyone who connects their calendar to Doodle must examine invitations received as soon as possible. If they contain confidential information, they must be immediately rejected.

Useful info for people who book meetings in which sensitive information is to be handled:

  • If the identity of a participant at the meeting is sensitive (they may be, for example, a participant in a research project), consider omitting them as participants in your calendar (and do not specify their name in clear text).
  • Use an innocuous subject line. Use, for example, simply “Conversation” rather than “Consultation for rehab., A.V.”. Do not give more information in the booking.
  • If it is necessary to send information that you do not want Doodle to gain access to, create a document on OneDrive that contains the information and then share the file with the participants. Remember not to place information covered by strong confidentiality or sensitive personal data on OneDrive.
  • If you need to send sensitive personal data or information that is covered by strong confidentiality, store it on the common file storage (“fillagret”) in a collaborative directory, then authorise the participants for access to the directory. Alternatively, share the information with them by other channels.

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Last updated: 2020-09-25