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Purchase and Procurement

As a Government agency Linköping University must follow the Swedish Procurement Act – LOU. All employees who want to buy something must be familiar with the rules for different kind of purchases.

For the most common purchases there are local or governmental framework agreements that you can find in the database "TendSign".  There are also more agreements in avropa.se which is the database for all government agencies.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the above sources you must make a procurement. The purchase officer at your department will help you – see list "Lokala inköpshandläggare".

Depending on the total value of the purchase amount there are different rules to follow – click here.

A direct award of contract is a procedure without special requirements for tenders. All employees can use this procedure if the calculated contract value is below 136 500 SEK. You have to ask for offers from at least 3 different companies and evaluate them equally. If the value is over 22 750 SEK you need to register the documents in the official register at your department.

Other information about Purchase and Procurement on this site is currently available only in Swedish.

Contact us

For questions about purchasing and procurement please contact your local procurement officer or Upphandlingsenheten at LiU.

More information about public procurement rules

About the public procurement rules (Swedish Competition Authority)

The National Agency for Public Procurement has information in English about the rules in Purchasing and Procurement

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Last updated: 2018-08-24