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Autumn is undeniably here. You can tell by all the fallen leaves and on the cold mornings. In addition, the grant decisions from the Swedish Research Council is also a clear autumn sign. In this newsletter you will find information about who has received funding, but also information for those planning to apply in next year’s call.

We want to take the opportunity to flag for a series of seminars arranged by the Grants Office this autumn, and in the spring of next year. On November 22th, you can learn how to find research funding using funding database Research Professional. Next year we will arrange seminars about applying to the Swedish Research Council, as well as on the upcoming EU framework programme Horizon Europe. More information can be found further down in this newsletter.

Did you know that we have a calendar with deadlines for recurring annual calls from some of the major funders at our webpage? Just follow the link below:

Please follow us on Twitter! You will find us at @LiUGrantsOffice. We tweet daily about calls, seminars and news. An easy way for you to stay up to date. The tweets are also visible at www.liu.se/go



  • Crash course in mastering the funding database Research Professional
  • Save the date! Getting Ready for Horizon Europe
  • Got funding for VR in 2019? Or plannin on applying 2020?
  • Junior Faculty Seminar: What is Open Science? Why does it matter?
  • Postponed Brexit and new UK elections
  • Find call for conferences and papers in Research Professional - New Feature
  • Opportunities for researchers from SSH
  • Information for those applying for Digiarv
  • Apply for funding for LiU-Brazil Cooperation
  • Calls for proposals


Crash course in mastering the funding database Research Professional

When: Friday 22 November 2019, 10.15-12.00
Where: SH62, Studenthuset, 6th Floor, Campus Valla (map)

LiU Grants Office and Research Professional invites you to a crash course in mastering the research funding database Research Professional. You will learn the basics on how to set up an account and search for funding opportunities, as well as how to optimise your search results. Research Professional can help you discover new potential funders and stay ahead of funding deadlines using alerts or integrate notifications to your everyday calendar. Research Professional is also a database of previously awarded funding and of calls for conferences and papers.

The training session will be led by Lukasz Slusarski from Research Professional´s UK office. The Grants Office will also give a short presentation of the other funding support available to researchers at LiU.

The session will be held in English. Please bring your computer. For more information, please contact grantsoffice@liu.se.

What is Research Professional? It is an online database of research funding opportunities from over 8000 international and Swedish funders. As an employee of LiU, you are free to browse the content of the site, create customized searches of its content and share this information with colleagues.


Save the date! Getting Ready for Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe, the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, will be launched in 2021.

On the 5th of February 2020 Grants Office invites all interested in European research funding to the workshop Getting Ready for Horizon Europe at Linköping University.

The workshop will be held by Dr. Seán McCarthy, who has a long experience in helping organisations design and implementing their European research strategies.

We will be given an overview of the proposed structure of Horizon Europe, focusing on what is new in relation to Horizon 2020. The workshop also covers the formal processes for preparing the next framework programme and the political, economic, social and technical issues that will influence its content.

Dr. McCarthy has been active in the European Framework programmes since 1980. He has been involved in over 150 research proposals to the Framework programmes and has participated in over 60 Framework projects. In 16 of these projects he was the coordinator. Today he does not participate in the Framework Programmes but concentrates on designing and delivering training courses for organisations who participate in the programmes, for example LiU.

Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to listen to one of the most well-known experts in the field of research funding.

Registration and more information will be presented at the Grants Office webpage shortly.

What: Workshop: Getting Ready for Horizon Europe
When: Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 09.00-12.30
Where: Ada Lovelace, B-house, Campus Valla

The workshop is free of charge.


Got funding from VR in 2019? Or planning on applying 2020?

At the end of October, the Swedish Research Council presented the decisions for starting grants and research project grants for 2019. Find out more about the grantees at LiU:

As from 2019, if you are awarded a grant from the Swedish Research Council you must have a data management plan, which describes how the research data generated within your project shall be managed during and after the project. More information about the new requirements for data management plan can be found at the Swedish Research Council webpage:

Find out more about data management in our upcoming newsletter.

Are you planning on applying for a starting grant or a research project grant next year? The Grants Office will arrange grant writing seminars with a focus on grant applications to the Swedish Research Council. Seminars will be held at all three campuses. More information will be presented at the Grants Office webpage, and in our upcoming newsletter.


Junior Faculty Seminar: What is Open Science? Why does it matter?

The LiU Junior Faculty invites all JF members and non-members to a seminar about open science on December 2nd. Throughout the day, you will interact with speakers on the topic of Open Science and what it represents. Presentations will include discussions on alternative publishing and reviewing models. The day will conclude with a panel discussion on the Plan S initiative for Open Access.

Register by 20th November.


Postponed Brexit and new UK elections

The United Kingdom was supposed to leave the European Union on October 31th, with or without a deal. But just a couple of days before the leave date, the EU announced its approval of a new Brexit extension, to the 31th of January 2020. The British Parliament has also agreed to hold a new parliamentary general election in December 2019. In other words, the Brexit process is far from over.

The UK Research Office (UKRO) has updated their factsheet, which summaries the latest information on the current UK situation in relation to European funding schemes.


Find call for conferences and papers in Research Professional – New feature!

Research Professional recently launched a new feature: a database of calls for conferences and papers. The database consists of detailed, comprehensive information about calls for papers with deadlines regarding forthcoming conferences and special issues of scholarly journals. These calls for papers are issued by professional bodies, journal editors, and other conference organizers in all disciplines and from all over the world. Thus, the database serves as an alerting service for researchers seeking opportunities to present and publish their research.


Opportunities for researchers from SSH

Horizon 2020 aims at fully integrating socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH) throughout the programme. Topics with a substantial SSH aspects have been flagged in the Funding & Tenders Portal:

The international EU funded network Net4Society does a compilation of funding opportunities of Horizon 2020 calls relevant for researchers from the socio-economic sciences and humanities every year. In September, the updated version for this year was published:


Information for those applying for Digiarv

The next call within the Digiarv programme will open in January next year. This programme supports digitisation and accessibility of cultural heritage and is a collaboration between the Swedish Research Council, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences) and Kung. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien (The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities). Those planning on applying should look over the instructions and recommendations now provided at the RJ webpage.


Apply for funding for LiU-Brazil Cooperation

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in Brazil and LiU has sign a cooperation agreement aiming to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers through the funding of joint research projects. The SPRINT 4th Edition 2019 call for exchange of faculty and postdoctoral researchers within this cooperation is now open for applications. Apply by 27 January 2020.


Call for proposals

We have complied two lists of open calls from some of the major swedish funders and the EU-commission - an extensive document for 2019-2020 and a more detailed one for more imminent calls.

All available calls from Horizon 2020 can be found in Funding & Tenders Opportunites Portal. Research Professional is another good source with research funding opportunities.


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