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The summer heat arrived just as the snow started to melt – but now summer is truly here.

During the spring we have had the pleasure to visit coffee rooms at Campus US and Campus Norrköping. In autumn we will expand this concept to Campus Valla. For a couple of hours, we are on site ready to answer your questions on research funding. Are you interested in a visit in your coffee room? Please contact the Grants Office (grantsoffice@liu.se).

Last week we arranged two well visited seminars in cooperation with LiU Junior Faculty at Campus US and Campus Valla. Focus was on research funding opportunities for researchers who are establishing a research career. In addition to presentations about Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA), the European Research Council (ERC) and Research Professional, ERC grantee Dominic Wright told us about his experience of applying for and receiving an ERC grant. He shared many interesting and useful tips for those interested in applying for these prestigious grants. All presentations are available at our website:

Have a nice summer! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@LiUGrantsOffice)




In Brief…

Brokerage for Health, Oslo 3-4 September
Are you looking for consortium partners within SC1 (Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges 1: Health, demographic change and wellbeing)? The European action Health NCP Net 2.0, the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway will arrange a Brokerage Event in Olso 3-4 September. It is a great opportunity to meet potential partners as well as getting all the information you need on the upcoming calls within the SC1 Work Programme. Registration will be open until its fully booked, or by 15 August.

Horizon Europe budget
Last week the European Commission presented the budget for the next Framework Programme Horizon Europe, initially called FP9. The proposed budget is €100 billion, which is about €20 billion more than the budget for Horizon 2020. But there is still a lot of funding available through Horizon 2020 which will run all the way to the end of year 2020.


LiU researcher receives groundbreaking EU grant

For the first time since Horizon 2020 started in 2014, a FET-OPEN project has been awarded at LiU. Behind the application are researchers at the Department of Science and Technology (ITN) who studies electronical plants.

The main purpose of the HyPhOE project is to establish a revolutionary symbiosis between photosynthetic organisms and technology by the development of advanced bio-hybrid systems based on photosynthetic organisms and smart materials and devices.

Eleni Stavrinidou is the coordinator of the project, and the consortium consists of researchers from Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (SLU) as well as French and Italian universities and research institutes. Together they bring expertise from various research fields such as chemistry, material science, plant biology and ecology. Sara Strömberg, Research Coordinator at Grants Office, has been involved in the proposal writing, and will also be hired as project manager in the project.

The duration of the project is three years and the total EU funding is a little more than 3 311 110 €, where LiU:s part is almost 1 084 000 €.

Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Open is part of Horizon 2020 and supports visionary research with the purpose of creating novel technology. The success rate is quite low with about 2 percent receiving funding – in comparison to the whole Horizon 2020 program with a success rate of approximately 13 percent. However, the budget for FET OPEN will increase during the remaining years of Horizon 2020, which will hopefully lead to a higher success rate.

The next call within FET Open (Challenging Current Thinking) closes 24 January next year. Find out more at the Horizon 2020 webpage and please contact grantsoffice@liu.se for additional support.


LiU part of granted European Training Networks

June began with good news that no less than four researchers at LiU has been awarded funding within Horizon 2020. All proposals are so-called Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions European Training Networks (MSCA-ITN-ETN). Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions enables researchers to work in another country or in a non-academic organization during a period to gain experience of different working environments while developing transferable skills. LiU will act as host in the granted projects:

Title: Appearance Printing, European Advanced Research School (ApPEARS)
Researcher responsible at LiU: Daniel Nyström, Senior Lecturer at ITN

Title: Innovative Network for Training in wAter and Food QUality monitoring using Autonomous SENSors and IntelligEnt Data Gathering and Analysis (AQUASENSE)
Researcher responsible at LiU: Magnus Willander, Professor Emeritus at ITN

Title: Biosensing with ORGanic ElectronicS (BORGES)
Researcher responsible at LiU: Daniel Simon, Senior Lecturer at ITN

Title: The European Training Network on lnformal Care (ENTWINE)
Researcher responsible at LiU: Gerhard Andersson, Professor at IBL

The deadline for the next call for applications to MSCA ITN is 15 January 2019. Please contact our expert in MSCA, research coordinator Agneta Jansson (Agneta.jansson@liu.se), for support if you are planning to apply.


GDPR has arrived

When EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May it did not go unnoticed. It will replace the Swedish Personuppgiftslagen (PUL) and implies some changes in how personal data must be handled in research projects. The core purpose of the new regulation is to strengthen the data rights of registered persons, for example those who take part in research studies. Some of the main principles is to only register data which is necessary to achieve your specific research goal and to make sure to always do a risk assessment when collection personal data. In accordance with the new law, LiU has appointed so-called Data Protection Officers (DPO), who are responsible for informing, advising and supervising the GDPR compliance at the university. It is now mandatory to provide information about the DPOs in the Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement. Anna Süpke and Johannes Hassmund are the Data Protection Officers at LiU.

Call for proposals

We have complied two lists of open calls from some of the major swedish funders and the EU-commission - an extensive document for the whole year and a more detailed one for more imminent calls.

All available calls from Horizon 2020 can be found in Participant Portal. Research Professional is another good source with research funding opportunities.

  • Calls 2018
  • Imminent calls

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