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Welcome to Grants and Program Offices

The research funding and coordination team at Grants and Program Offices serves to proactively support LiU and its researchers in gaining access to competitive research funding opportunities, and in coordinating extensive research projects and programmes. We act as a link between LiU and external funding organisations and research councils, with a special focus related to larger national and EU Framework Programmes.

Our aim, extending through the project lifecycle, is to:

  • identify, match, and disseminate funding opportunities,
  • support the preparation and development of applications,
  • provide support in budgeting and financial reporting,
  • clarify requirements from funders and LiU,
  • and coordinate larger research projects and programmes.

Please feel free to contact us at gpo@liu.se.


Page manager: marie.helsing.vastfjall@liu.se
Last updated: 2021-08-06