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Grants Office får många frågor från från forskare vid LiU om resebidrag. Generellt sett är den bästa vägen att hitta resebidrag att använda sig av finansieringsdatabasen Research Professional. Nedan ser du en kort förteckning av de senast inlagda resebidragen där som är öppna för forskare vid LiU. I databasen hittar du fler resebidrag. Du kan välja att anpassa sökningen ytterligare samt aktivera bevakning (s.k. "Alerts") för att få mailutskick när nya utlysningar presenteras. Följ länken nedan.

Härunder vissa de vanligaste resebidrag från några svenska finansiärer:

De senaste inlagda resebidragen i Research Professional

  • ESC first contact initiative grant

    *** The closing date for this opportunity has been extended. The previous deadline of 25 May has been extended to 2 June 2019. All other call details remain unchanged. ***

    The European Society of Cardiology invites applications for its first contact initiative grants. These support the establishment of research links by young scientists from European institutions to hosting institutions in a foreign country within or outside Europe. Applications are considered in two areas:

    •to establish more permanent contacts, leading to a fellowship or a research affiliate position for the development of a research project in the area of basic cardiovascular sciences;

    •to learn new skills that will be beneficial to the researcher in their future career.

    Applicants should be no older than 40 years of age and must be active in the area of cardiovascular sciences. They must be members of either an ESC national society or a group included in the Council for Basic Cardiovascular Science.

    Up to five grants are available, each worth up to €2,500 for a minimum stay of 10 days.

  • Travel grants to Astronomy education conference

    The International Astronomical Union invites applications for travel grants to the astronomy education conference. These enable astronomers to attend the astronomy education – bridging research and practice conference, to be held from 16 to 18 September 2019 at the European Southern Observatory in Munich, Germany. The conference aims to increase the quality, quantity, community and impact of astronomy education research and practise.

    Astronomers, astronomy education researchers and education practitioners may apply.

  • Travel awards – ECMWF annual seminar

    The European Meteorological Society invites applications for its young scientist travel award for the ECMWF annual seminar. This supports the participation of young scientists at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast’s annual seminar on subseasonal and seasonal forecasting, held from 2 to 5 September 2019 in Reading, UK.

    Young scientists under the age of 35 working or studying in a European country, may apply. All countries with an EMS member society or included in the World Meteorological Organisation RA IV are considered European.

    The award is worth €500 to cover travel expenses.

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