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Applications and grants from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), Forte, Formas, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) and the Swedish Institute for Educational Research (Skolforskningsinstitutet) are handled in the application and case management system Prisma.



Create an account

All users have to create an account in Prisma from which you manage all errands in Prisma. Please create your account in good time since it can be time-consuming. You can download instructions on how to create an account here:


All funders in Prisma now uses the CV module and applicants will therefore no longer be able to send in their CV as PDF. You will save time by just adding the information asked in the call information text to your personal account.


When applying to Formas and Forte applicants need to use the publications module in Prisma. When applying to Vetenskapsrådet applicants should upload their publications list as PDF with a maximum of five pages (project leader) or one page (participating researcher). The call information text describes what applies in each case.


Reporting tasks

As from spring 2017 Prisma is used for scientific and economic reporting for grants. The funders are handeling reporting tasks in different ways:

The Swedish Research Council (VR): Grants awarded prior to 2015 are reported (only financial final reporting) using the forms available at vr.se. For grants awarded from 2015, both financial and scientific final reporting will be managed through the Prisma system. During 2018 all eventual scientific reporting will be done using the forms available at vr.se.

Formas: All reports are submitted in Prisma. Even if you applied via Formas Direct, you should also submit reports in Prisma.

Forte: All reporting, both financial and scientific, are managed through the Prisma system. For grants awarded from 2015, both annual and final financial reporting are managed through Prisma. Older grants are handled outside Prisma. Scientific reporting are handled in Prisma or outside Prisma.

You must have an account in Prisma to perform reporting tasks in the system. LiU instructions on how to create an account is available here:

The project leader does not have to invite the financial manager who will perform the reporting task. This will be manage on a central level at LiU. Project leaders and financial managers will be informed of the relevant dates well in advance of deadline.

Further instructions for researchers and financial managers are available here:

Make sure to file all project documents at your department. Contact the records manager (registrator) at your department for more information.

User roles in Prisma

The applicant is the researcher in charge of the application and the project.

A participating researcher is a researcher with a PhD who is expected to participate with an original idea in the project. It is optional whether to include the researcher in the budget or not. A PhD student is not an participating researcher but can be included in the project budget. Note that execptions of this definition may occur in some calls. Read the call information text for more information.

It is optional to add an participating administrator who can help fill in the application form. The administrator will not be able to see the application after deadline.

Generally the prefect acts as signer. At some departments the proprefekt also has the rights to sign applications.

The person in charge of the economic reporting in Prisma is called rapportör.


For general and content-specific questions about your application, please contact the persons listed in the call information text. Most information on a call can be found in the call information text.

For other questions, please contact prisma@liu.se or the Prisma contact at your institution.

Linköping university has a organisation account in Prisma which enables researchers at LiU to search for funding via Prisma. Tove Kvarnström at Grants Office is the main supervisor for Prisma at LiU. Marie Sigvardsson at Planning and Finance Division and Kirstin Kahl at Grants Office is also supervisors. The organisation account supervisors make sure that LiU:s information on Prisma is correct and updated. You can contact them using prisma@liu.se.

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Last updated: 2020-05-08