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Reporting to the European Commission

The project coordinator is responsible for submitting financial and technical reports to the Commission. All reporting is done online through the EU-portal Funding and Tendes Portal via a number of periodic reports and a final report. The reporting periods are stated in the Grant Agreement.

The coordinator (the consortium) must submit the reports within 60 days of the end of each reporting period, including the final one. Partners usually have 45 days to submit their reports to the coordinator.


Financial reporting

The financial reports include a periodic summary financial statement and an explanation of the use of resources. We recommend that you use report 715 EU-uppföljning in Raindance for both periodic and final reporting.

In Horizon 2020, an average of the daily EUR exchange rate for the entire report period shall be used for financial reports. The ECB’s (The European Central Bank) tool for calculating the average daily rate can be found here. Note that for FP7 it’s still the exchange rate for the first bank day after the reporting period has ended.

Personnel costs shall be calculated as described in article 6.2.A in the Model Grant Agreement. Timesheets and a template for declaration on a person working exclusively in a project are available here:

Please contact grantsoffice@liu.se for support when calculating personel costs.

For information about other direct costs including deprecations, please see article 6.2.D in Model Grant Agreement.

Authorized Financial Signatory (FSIGN) at the department will sign the financial reports.

Please contact the Grants Office if you have any questions or need help with the financial reports.



The periodic technical reports give an overview of the progress towards the project objectives, implementation, impact, gender, etc. and is made up by two parts; Part A and Part B.

Part A consist of a publishable summary, a web-based tables covering issues related to the project implementation and a questionnaire about the economic and social impact of the project. All this information is automatically compiled to create part A of every technical periodic report, at the moment the coordinator and beneficiaries finish the preparation of the given periodic report.

Part B is an explanation of the work carried out by all beneficiaries during the reporting period as well as an overview of the progress towards the project objectives, justifying the differences between work expected and work actually performed, if any.

A conclusion of the project and an overview of the results and their exploitation and dissemination is presented in the final technical report. Like the summaries for the periodic reports, the final summary must be written in an understandable style for a non-specialist audience.


Certificate on financial statements (CFS)

Each beneficiary that requests a total of €325 000 or more as reimbursement of actual costs must submit a Certificate on financial statements (CFS) at the final reporting. The CFS is produced by an independent auditor (at LiU currently FAA Solutions) and covers all costs reported in all financial reports.

Please contact Kevin Lindmark (kevin@faasolutions.se) approximately 30 days before the end of the project.

Do not forget to place an order of the audit in Raindance!

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