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Welcome to the Grants Office Webinar 2020

This year´s annual Grants Office event on grant opportunities and Grants Office support will be in form of a webinar on the 21st of September. The programme is aimed at LiU researchers at all stages of their career.

This webinar will have a focus on collaborative research projects with several partners, which is a relatively common project form in EU-funding. Coordinating an application and a project is usually more complex if several partners are involved. Therefore, Grants Office offers extra support for those who coordinate such proposals. It is also possible to hire a research coordinator from the Grants Office as project coordinator if the application will be granted. Svjetlana Stekovic, research coordinator at Grants Office, has extensive experience in supporting researchers in applications and in the running of such projects. She also coordinates collaborative EU-funded projects as a researcher herself. Svjetlana will share her experiences during the webinar.

We will also listen to LiU researchers Ericka Johnsson (TEMA), Feng Gao (IFM) and Sara Liin (BKV), who have received prestigious grants from the European Research Council (ERC), the Wallenberg Foundations and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). Grants Office research coordinators Agneta Jansson and Josefin Fernius will tell you more about ERC and MSCA, as well as about planned calls and routines regarding the Wallenberg foundations.

Since the current European framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, will end at the turn of the year, we will of course share the latest information about the upcoming framework programme Horizon Europe.

In addition to this, just as in previous events, we will talk briefly about the support provided by the Grants Office. We will also give a demonstration of the funding database Reserach Professional, which contains calls from over 10 000 national and international funders.


Please register to attend using the form in the link below. A link to the webinar will be send out to those registered.


Agenda Grants Office Webinar 2020
Monday 21 September 09.30-12.00

09.30 Grants Office - What is our role?
09.40 Information about the upcoming European Framework Programme Horizon Europe
09.50 Coordination of collaborative EU research projects: Svjetlana Stekovic, Research Coordinator
10.10 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions: Agneta Jansson, Research Coordinator
10.25 Break
10.45 ERC (European Research Council) Grants: Josefin Fernius, Research Coordinator
10.55 Wallenberg Foundations - Calls and Internal Procedures: Josefin Fernius, Research Coordinator
11.05 Experiences from grantees Ericka Johnsson (TEMA), Feng Gao (IFM) and Sara Liin (BKV)
11.35 How to find suitable grants - Research Professional: Tove Kvarnström, Coordinator

The webinar will be held in English.

Tove Kvarnström 2020-04-30

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