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Crash course in mastering Research Professional

When: Friday 22 November 2019, 10.15-12.00
Where: SH62, Studenthuset, 6th Floor, Campus Valla

LiU Grants Office and Research Professional invites you to a crash course in mastering the research funding database Research Professional. You will learn the basics on how to set up an account and search for funding opportunities, as well as how to optimise your search results. Research Professional can help you discover new potential funders and stay ahead of funding deadlines using alerts or integrate notifications to your everyday calendar.

Research Professional is also a database of previously awarded funding and of calls for conferences and papers. The training session will be led by Senior Technical Implementation and Support Consultant Lukasz Slusarski from Research Professional´s UK office. The Grants Office will also give a short presentation of the other funding support available to researchers at LiU.

The session will be held in English. Please bring your computer. For more information please contact grantsoffice@liu.se.

What is Research Professional? It is an online database full of research funding opportunities from over 8000 international and Swedish funders. As an employee of LiU you are free to browse the content of the site, create customized searches of its content and share this information with colleagues.

Tove Kvarnström 2019-10-29

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