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A portrait for the website

New opportunities are available to obtain a professional photograph for your employee profile on the website.

The cohesiveness of the portraits is important for the overall impression that visitors to the website receive. The portrait is to be a colour photograph with a white or neutral light grey background. The upper part of the shoulders and chest should be visible.

When the photograph is ready, you will receive an email inviting you to log in to MinIT and approve it. It will then be published on the website.

When coming to be photographed, complete a sign with your name, department/division and the accounting number to be used. The cost is SEK 300 per person. Your immediate superior must approve that your photograph is taken (oral approval is sufficient).

More information about the staff webpages can be found here.


The following drop-in times are available in Linköping in 2020:

The first Thursday of the month, 10.30-11.30 am, and from February to December.

  • 6 February 10.30-11.30
  • 5 March 10.30-11.30
  • 2 April 10.30-11.30 NB! Cancelled due to distance mode in operation at LiU
  • 7 May 10.30-11.30
  • 4 June 10.30-11.30
  • 3 September 10.30-11.30
  • 8 September 10.30-11.30 (extra day)
  • 1 October 10.30-11.30
  • 5 November 10.30-11.30
  • 3 December 10.30-11.30


Location: Photo Studio, Communications and Marketing Division, G Building, Entrance 83, Campus Valla.

The photo studio has its own (locked) entrance on the ground floor, immediately to the right after the lift.

A table is located outside where you fill in a sign with your name (in block capitals) and wait for your turn.

Please do not take the route to the photo studio via the KOM main entrance on the first floor.




The following drop-in times are available in Norrköping in 2020:

The first Friday of the month, 10.30-11.30 am, from from February to December.

  • 7 February 10.30-11.00
  • 6 March 10.30-11.00
  • 3 April 10.30-11.00 NB! Cancelled due to distance mode in operation at LiU
  • 6 May 10.30-11.00
  • 5 June 10.30-11.00
  • 4 September 10.30-11.00
  • 2 October 10.30-11.00
  • 6 November 10.30-11.00
  • 4 December 10.30-11.00

Location: Täppan, Floor 4, Room 4006. This room lies immediately under the “red staff room” on Floor 5. If you take a lift to Floor 4, turn right out of the lift. At the end of the corridor, go through the door on the right and walk to the end of the corridor.

Photographers Thor Balkhed, Anna Nilsen, Peter Modin, Magnus Johansson look forward to taking your photograph.

Charlotte Perhammar, Thor Balkhed, Anna Nilsen, Peter Modin


Page manager: magnus.johansson@liu.se
Last updated: 2020-03-31