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Designing Meaningful Online Learning

Designing Meaningful Online Learning was a training of trainers course offered by Linköping University as a part of the PRINTeL project. The course was given online in February 2021. This site collects course material for reuse by the course participants.


  • Course Description – This document contains the course syllabus and a general schedule. We also tried to summarize the necessary preparations. This was the information that was sent out before the course. 
  • Reflection Portfolio Instructions – This document contains a description on how to select a topic and the purpose of the portfolio. We included this in the Course Description. 
  • Reflection Portfolio Template
  • Welcome Letter – This was extra information that we sent out a few days before the course, with some reminders and link to Zoom meeting. 
  • Course Introduction – This is the presentation that started off the first day. Most of the information concerns this particular course and might not be of use to you. 
  • Community of Inquiry – This presentation is the basis for the film clips that Per Sandén recorded for this course. 
  • Group Discussions Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 – These are the questions that we prepared for group discussions. 

Film Clips

The following film clips were produced for this course by Per Sandén, and you are free to use them: 

Here are some additional introductions that we also recommend: 

Additional Reading

We also recommended some additional reading if you are interested in diving deeper into these concepts: 

And of course the central hub for information on Community of Inquiry is https://coi.athabascau.ca/ 


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Last updated: 2021-03-30