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To suffer from ill health and absence due to illness can, for many, be a strain that can lead to both anxiety and insecurity. One's whole life, including all routines and activities, is disturbed. There is also the risk of suffering a blow to one's self-esteem as work plays a central role in our lives.

Sick leave provides the opportunity for healing, recovery and recuperation. However, there is also the risk that your resources are negatively affected. Even after a short absence from work, the possibilities for a speedy return are reduced. It can be difficult to get back into work and sometimes the desire and faith in personal ability is lost. This can be counteracted through activity and maintaining contact with your work and colleagues. The most important thing is that you exert your own influence and control over your sick leave and rehabilitation process, within the framework of the employer, the social insurance policy and general societal responsibilities. It is important that you take the initiative and participate in your own rehabilitation.

Information regardin Liu's rehabilitation process

Document for Heads of Departments and equivalent

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