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Crisis management at LiU

The aim of crisis management at LiU is to create readiness for consistent and clear management of situations that may arise, so as to guarantee a return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

The Central Crisis Management Organisation is tasked with coordinating the University's efforts during major events such as accidents, serious threats, hostage-taking, natural disasters, fires etc. These are situations that demand immediate and coordinated action within the University with the purpose of minimising fallout. The work is led by the Central Crisis Management Group, with the University Director as manager and convener. There are one alternate for all functions in the Central Crisis Management Organisation, see the contact list to the right.

The Central Crisis Management Group is responsible for:

  • keeping informed on events
  • cohesive management with clear roles quickly established
  • establishing coordination at central and local levels within the University and, when necessary, other actors such as the County Administrative Board, police, emergency services etc.

Corresponding groups can be found locally at each department/equivalent.

On-call administrator

LiU has an on-call administrator, known by the Swedish abbreviation “TiB”, who is available round the clock every day. This person can receive information about incidents and serious events, and provide support. The TiB may help to make contact with important functions related to emergency preparedness and safety, such as LiU’s central crisis management group or chief security officer. The TiB can be contacted through either the central or the local crisis management group, or by important external actors. The TiB cannot be contacted directly by co-workers.

Telephone list (.doc) - NOTE! Only available to Heads of Department and Human Resource Managers

The Central Crisis management organisation

LiU's Central Crisis Management Organisation:

Kent Waltersson (Stand-in Roger Klinth)


Chief of staff
Ann Holmlid (Stand-in Robert Ericsson)

Marie Ekström-Lorentzon (Stand-in Åsa Arvidsson)

Pia Rundgren (Stand-in
Monika Rissanen)

Student health
Gunilla Johansson (Stand-in Jonas Blom)

Mariethe Larsson (Stand-in Lennart Falklöf)

Annevi Fredäng (Stand-in Helena Tegehed Dahlin)

Depends on the crisis

STAff resources

Student service
Marina Geijer (Stand-in Marie Eslon)

IT och telephony
Joakim Nejdeby (Stand-in Anna Fredin)

Karolina Ganhammar (Stand-in Tobias Lindberg)

Annika Svenvik (Stand-in Sofie Alexandersson)

Official in Emergency Prepardness/Tjänsteman i beredskap (TiB)
Active TiB

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