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Preparedness plan and crisis management

The uncertainty arising from a sudden and traumatic event is often perceived as the most difficult to handle. This is because it is difficult to survey the situation and all the consequences of the event.

As support to potential crises, each department/equivalent shall be equipped with a preparedness plan containing routines and checklists for managing various types of events. This implies that there should be routines for administering first aid and CPR, as well as ensuring those affected receive crisis support and the psychological and social support that these situations warrant. The employees and the students should be well versed with the preparedness plan.

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First aid

First aid materials for simple wound treatment are available at selected points in the University. Each workplace has staff trained in first aid and CPR. They have the first aid emblem posted on their office doors. Campus Security at the Campus Valla, Norrköping and at the Lidingö Campus can also assist in emergency situations. Security are trained in first aid and have access to Automated External Defibrillators (AED). The telephone number for Campus Security is +46 (0)13 285888. This number can also be found on the back of your LiU card.


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