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Preventive health care - for your well-being at work 

LiU should be an attractive workplace whereby employee satisfaction and health are important elements. Through the preventive health care benefit (friskvård), LiU aims to encourage employee health awareness and provide opportunities for regular active participation in health-promoting activities. 

It is LiU's hope that this will lead to increased well-being at work, increased attendance and the prevention and reduction of strain, or other workplace injuries.

The preventive health care benefit


Expenses will only be reimbursed during the same calendar year in which they were incurred. If you have purchased preventive health care through ActiWay from one of the providers in the system, you can report expenses for preventive health care up to 31 December 2019. If, on the other hand, you have purchased preventive health care from a provider not in the system, you must present the receipt following the instructions that are given on “Questions and answers” on the Preventive Health Care Portal, before 21 December 2019.

Note that ActiWay does not process receipts from providers who are included in the system. Before purchasing preventive health care, search the ActiWay portal to determine whether the provider you want to use is part of the system or not.

Campushallen, grupptraning

Through regular preventive health care, employees are better equipped to meet the demands of working life; physical and mental as well as social and in terms of competence. Increased involvement in employees' health leads to reduced absence, caused by illness, and a richer life for those employed.

Preventive health care is a collective term for measures that stimulate employees to actively take part in health-promoting activities. The starting point for preventive health care at LiU is that every employee is responsible for their own health whilst LiU is responsible for encouraging and promoting health. This is done through providing opportunities for physical activity. To encourage employees to a healthy and balanced lifestyle is a way of showing interest and concern.


181112 - The preventive health care benefit 2018

171128 - New procedures for the preventive health care benefit next year

Guidelines for preventive health care

To the guidelines (pdf)

Who will be granted the preventive health care benefit?

All LiU employees covered by the LiU agreement on terms of employment (Villkorsavtalet) will be granted the preventive health care benefit. LiU contributes SEK 2,000 per calendar year towards preventive health care.

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Last updated: 2019-11-05