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Preventive health care portal provided by ActiWay

The portal is the place to look for all approved preventive health care providers, purchase preventive health care online, and check how much benefit you have remaining.

The first time you log in at the preventive health care portal?

Please, click on the image below to get to the portal. Enter your LiU-ID and password, log in and you will automatically get to the portal.

Friskvardsportal eng knapp

You can’t find the preventive health care provider you want to use in the list at the preventive health care portal?

Read more under "QandA about preventive health care". Click the link on the menu to the left to find out all questions and answers.

The preventive healthcare benefit can be claimed in the following ways

If a preventive healthcare supplier is connected to the ActiWay portal, you can make a purchase directly in the portal or at the supplier. 

  • When purchasing online, log in to the ActiWay preventive healthcare portal using your LiU ID. The portal presents information about the preventive healthcare balance, and it is possible to make purchases directly online. 
  • It is also possible to purchase preventive healthcare directly at a preventive healthcare supplier who is connected to ActiWay. Inform the supplier that you want to pay using ActiWay, and show proof of identity. The supplier can adjust the balance on your preventive healthcare account immediately. 

Note that it is not possible to claim remuneration for receipted costs incurred at preventive healthcare suppliers who are connected to ActiWay. It is possible to purchase preventive healthcare from suppliers who use the system up until 31 December of the current year.

If a preventive healthcare supplier is not connected to the ActiWay system, you can report preventive healthcare expenses at the ActiWay portal by logging in with your LiU ID and registering the receipt in digital form, following the instructions. 

  • The receipt is to state the name of the supplier, the company registration number and address, the nature of the activity, the amount paid, VAT, the date of the purchase, and the date of the activity or the period of validity of the purchase. For autogiro payments, the corresponding information as that given on the original receipt must be stated, and a copy of the autogiro arrangement must be provided. Each occasion on which payment is made must be reported and a dated copy of the bank statement must be submitted. For autogiro payments, all compensation is paid retrospectively.
  • An employee must give a bank account number to ActiWay, and expenses will then be paid directly into this account on the 25th of the month after the expense has been approved.

The final date for submitting a receipt to ActiWay

The final date for submitting a receipt to ActiWay is 21 December if the compensation is to be drawn from the benefit for the current year. Receipts issued between 1 November and 31 December can be reported in the preventive healthcare portal until 31 January the following year. In this case, however, the expense will be drawn from the preventive healthcare benefit for the following year.

the First time you log in

  • Go to friskvardsportalen.liu.se
  • Enter your LiU-ID and password and you will automatically get to the portal
  • Switch to the English version of the site

Note: If you enter directly on actiway.se, you can not login with password or BankID. You must log in via friskvardsportalen.liu.se

Welcome to contact ActiWay

Would you like to suggest a preventive health care provider? Do you have questions? Please contact ActiWay through the portal or at info@actiway.se, phone +46 8 510 622 90.

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