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Occupational Health

Occupational health is an external expert resource that supports employees, work environment representatives and managers in work-related environments and with rehabilitation issues. From 1 September 2008, Feelgood is LiU's health partner. The Student Health Care Centre is responsible for student health.

In order for LiU to quickly resolve work-related issues, it is imperative that LiU as an employer is informed of the situation as quickly as possible.

All employees have access to one assessment visit per calendar year to address work-related problems of which the employer is unaware. Before the assessment visit, the employee should contact occupational health, as of 1 September 2008, Feelgood, to book an appointment. Once the reservation is made, it is assessed whether the employee will have an appointment at occupational health's appropriate specialist (doctor, behavioural, ergonomic etc.); or if the employee will be referred to primary care or the equivalent; alternatively if the relevant manager or equivalent is to be contacted before further measures are undertaken.

If the assessment meeting results in further visits to occupational health, then this must be sanctioned by a suborder from the respective Department/Unit.

Typically, the ordering of services takes place through the requisition system which means that the employee shall produce and submit a requisition at their visit to Feelgood, resulting form the suborder. The requisition legitimises the use of the service to the extent that it is governed by the content of the requisition. See the link request form.

Order to Feelgood

List of suborders at LiU (.pdf)



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Contact with Feelgood

Feelgood Linköping
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Feelgood Norrköping
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Telephone +46 (0)11 213390

If there is a need to contact another Feelgood unit in the country, this is coordinated by Feelgood in Linköping, alternatively Norrköping.

Website: www.feelgood.se

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