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Frequently asked questions

FAQ for new doctors and new professors.

Invitation and Registration

The Commencement Ceremony

The Banquet

The Gala Concert

Invitation and Registration

1. I had been invited to be promoted or installed at the Academic Ceremony in the spring of 2020. Will I now receive a new invitation with the opportunity to register?
As a consequence of the current circumstances and recommendations relating to the coronavirus, the Academic Ceremony for 2020 has been cancelled. You will receive an invitation to a new Academic Ceremony, but we cannot at the moment say when it will take place.

2. If I would have under normal circumstances received an invitation to the Academic Ceremony in the spring of 2021, will I still receive it?
At the moment, we do not know how LiU’s ceremonies will be arranged during 2021. We will publish more information here as soon as we have it.

3. I received an invitation to be conferred this year, but am not able to attend. Can I be conferred next year instead?

Yes, you can postpone your conferment for next two occasions. However it is your responsibility to contact promotion@liu.se in January of the year you want to be conferred, and to request an invitation. (The Commencement Ceremony is held once a year, every third year in Norrköping.) 

4. I have received an invitation this year’s Commencement Ceremony and I want to register. How do I do this?

On your invitation there is a code and a link to the registration. If you are a new doctor, you have a lot of details to enter, so you are able to begin your registration, save it, and continue later. We recommend that you visit the registration page soon, because it provides answers to many questions you may have.

5. I have sent an email to promotion@liu.se that I want to attend the Commencement Ceremony. Does that count as registration?

No. You have to visit the link on your invitation under the heading ‘Anmälan’ (Registration) and log in using the code that is also on the invitation, and then register on the registration page.

6. I am a new doctor. If I don’t have all my details available when I start registration, can I finish it later?

New doctors can start their registration, save it and continue later. However it must be submitted by the date specified as the registration deadline. We recommend that you visit the registration page soon, because it provides answers to many questions you may have.

7. How do I know that you have received my registration and that I am registered?

You will receive a confirmation to the email address you provided during registration. Check that all the details are correct. If you have not received a confirmation, check your spam filter. If you still have not received a confirmation, contact us on promotion@liu.se

8. Can I register after the registration deadline?

No, unfortunately not.

9. What do I do if I have submitted my registration but want to edit it?

Email your changes to promotion@liu.se

The Commencement Ceremony

1. Are there dedicated parking spaces at Konsert & Kongress in Linköping?

No, you will have to use the public parking spaces in the area.

2. Will return bus transport be arranged between Norrköping and Linköping?

Yes, a bus will travel once in each direction, to the ceremony at 14.30 and when the evening ends at 1.1 Specify on the registration form whether you and/or your guests plan to travel on these. 

You must make your own way to the rehearsal in the morning.

3. As a new doctor or professor, must I attend the rehearsals that take place in the morning?

Yes. We rehearse the procession and the ceremony so that everyone will know what to do in the afternoon. Also, at the rehearsal it will be possible to try on your hat and wreath, and new professors can view the films that have been produced.

4. Should I wear my formal clothing at the rehearsal?

No, but it is advisable to wear the shoes you will be wearing during the ceremony.

5. Should my guest(s) join me at the rehearsal?


6. Should guest(s) who will be in the procession attend the rehearsal?


7. What is meant by ‘white tie’? (In Swedish ‘högtidsdräkt’)

Men wear a black tailcoat, white waistcoat and bow tie, and black trousers, socks and shoes. Women wear a long formal evening gown in the colour of their choice. Other types of formal wear may be suitable, but please consult the Master of Ceremonies.

8. Should I wear gloves and cover my shoulders if I wear a shoulderless gown?

Yes, as a new doctor or new professor you will be on the stage, and if your gown is shoulderless you can either wear elbow-length gloves or cover your shoulders with a shawl or bolero. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to receive the hat and diploma if you have a loose shawl on your shoulders. Fasten a shawl with a pin, or wear a bolero instead.

9. I am a new doctor/professor. The invitation says that at the procession the dress code is white tie, but under the headline ‘Conferment’ it says there is no dress code. Which of these applies?

The latter applies to the guests who are only attending the ceremony. For new doctors, new professors and banquet guests, the dress code is white tie.

10. Can LiU help me arrange formal wear and/or a doctor’s hat?

Unfortunately this is not possible.

11. Should I change my outfit between the ceremony and the banquet?

No. After the ceremony there will be a short reception before the banquet begins.

12. May children attend the ceremony?

On the whole, the ceremony is not an event for children. It lasts from two to three hours, and that is a long time for a child to sit still. If you are not able to find a babysitter, remember that it is the accompanying adult’s duty to ensure the child sits quietly on his or her chair, and if necessary, to take the child out. This is out of respect for the people on stage, who are the main focus of the event.

13. What are the rules for taking photos and filming the ceremony?

Photography and filming are permitted, but you must remain at your seat, not use a flash, and avoid blocking other people’s view. Tripods or similar may not be used. LiU will take photographs during the ceremony, but will not take photos of everyone in attendance.

14. Will LiU take photographs during the ceremony that I can access?

Yes. New doctors and professors will receive information about these photographs some time after the ceremony. Note however that photographs will not be taken of everyone in attendance.

15. How long is the ceremony?

It depends on the number of new doctors and professors, but expect about 2.5 hours.

16. What do a doctor’s hat and a wreath cost?

A doctor’s hat costs SEK 4975 and a wreath SEK 625. (2020)

17. As a new doctor, must I wear something on my head for the ceremony?

Yes. The wreath/doctor’s hat is an important symbol in the ceremony.

18. As a new doctor, should I wear a hat or a wreath?

If you are conferred a doctoral degree which in Swedish is called 'ekonomie doktor', 'teknologie doktor' or 'medicine doktor', you wear a doctor's hat at the ceremony. If you are conferred a doctoral degree which in Swedish is called 'filosofie doktor', you wear a laurel wreath. 

19. How do I go about buying a wreath?

You order a wreath on the registration page, and then the Master of Ceremonies will buy one. Take care to specify the correct head measurement: place the lower edge of a tape measure at the upper edge of your eyebrows, and measure horizontally around your head.

20. When ordering a wreath, I am to specify my head measurement. How do I measure this correctly?

Place the lower edge of a tape measure at the upper edge of your eyebrows, and measure horizontally around your head.

21. I need to get a doctor’s hat. How do I go about this?

A doctor’s hat can be purchased from Hattsmedjan AB (hatter Marie Fredsberg Lindström). The hat is custom-made, and the hatter will be available at Campus Valla 23 March 2020 between 15.00 and 17.00, to take measurements and orders. You can also contact Marie directly. If you do not wish to buy a hat, you can hire or borrow one. (Marie has a few for hire.) If you hire or borrow a hat, ensure that it has your faculty’s hat mark. Phone number hatter: 073-268 99 69 and phone number jeweler: 072-311 03 65. 

22. If I purchase a hat from the hatter, where will it be delivered to?

It will be delivered to the Master of Ceremonies, who ensures that it is transported to Konsert & Kongress in Linköping.

23. If I buy a hat from a hatter or order a wreath from the registration page and it is delivered direct to Konsert & Kongress in Linköping, will I be able to try it on before the actual ceremony?

Yes. You will be able to try it on at a particular time during the rehearsal.

24. What do I do if my doctor’s hat or wreath doesn’t fit?

A hatter will be present during most of the day, to take care of minor adjustments. For the wreath, you can get help from one of the marshals present at rehearsal.

25. As a new doctor, if I borrow or hire a doctor’s hat, should I bring it to the rehearsal, or do I hand it in?

A hired or borrowed hat should be given to the Master of Ceremonies about a week before the ceremony. (The exact date will be communicated separately.)

26. Can I have a friend drop off a borrowed doctor’s hat to the Master of Ceremonies, or do I have to bring it in myself, at the times specified?

You can have someone else bring it in. However, make sure the hat and the box are marked with your name. If the specified times don’t work for you, contact us and we will sort it out.

27. Do I only wear the doctor’s hat during the ceremony, or do I also wear it at other times, later in the evening?

Only at the ceremony. New doctors get their hat during the ceremony. New professors and other guests hold it in their hands until the moment when the celebrant for their faculty puts his or hers on. Hats may not be taken into the banquet; they are to be left at the staffed cloakroom.

28. As a new professor, do I have to wear a doctor’s hat?

No, but most do, so you will probably feel more comfortable wearing one.

29. I am a new professor. When I became a new doctor I wore a wreath. Should I wear a wreath when I am made a professor as well?

No, all professors wear doctor’s hats.

30. At the ceremony, doctor’s rings aren’t presented to new doctors. Can I still buy one, and wear it during the ceremony?

You can buy a doctor’s ring. A goldsmith will be present at the same time as the hatter, see question 21 above. You put the ring on after the ceremony. Phone number jeweler: 072-311 03 65.

31. When do I get my diploma and what is its significance?

The diploma is only handed out at the Commencement Ceremony. It shows that the person is a doctor or professor. Those who don’t attend the ceremony don’t receive a diploma.

32. My partner has a PhD. Can he/she take part in the procession?

If he/she has a PhD and is a teacher at LiU, he/she can take part in the procession.

33. May anyone attend the ceremony?

Yes, it is open to the public, free of charge, and tickets are not required. You can sit where you like, apart from a few reserved seats at the front. You should be seated by 16.00.

34. A friend of mine who uses a wheelchair would like to attend the ceremony. Can a special place be arranged?

Yes. Contact promotion@liu.se

The Banquet

1. At the banquet, what will the seating arrangements be?

Where possible, you, your guests and your colleagues from the same department or faculty will be seated together. If you have special requests regarding seating, you can specify these in your registration or contact the Master of Ceremonies.

2. May I bring my children to the banquet?

Yes. But small children will not get much out of the banquet. They take part on the same conditions as adults: they get the same food and have the same table setting as the adults. When you register, you should state the age of any children under 18. This is to help us with the seating.

3. May I bring a child in a pram?

We recommend that you get a babysitter. If this is not possible, please specify in the registration that you need to be seated where you can have the pram nearby. If you don’t specify this, we will not be able to arrange any special seating.

4. Must my banquet guests wear formal dress?

Etiquette says that your partner should follow your dress code, i.e. white tie. But it is allowed for your partner and other guests to wear a dark suit or a skirt/dress that covers the knees. Children and adolescents can wear a white shirt with a tie, dark trousers or a skirt/dress of any length.

5. May I bring more guests to the banquet than are on the invitation, if I pay for their meals?

No, unfortunately. However you may invite more people to take part in the ceremony, which takes place in the Cruselhallen at Konsert och Kongress in Linköping between 16.15 and approx. 18.30. 

6. As a new doctor I can invite three guests. Do I pay for any of these, and how do I make the payment?

One of your guests attends free of charge. For the two others there is a charge for the meal. During registration you can read more on the cost and how to pay.

7. Is my partner included in the guests I can invite?


8. I have friends who are being made doctors at the same times as me. Can we sit together at the banquet?

During registration, you can specify which people you would like to be seated close to at the banquet. We will do our best to meet your wishes.

9. Can I order a vegetarian meal?

When you register you can specify any allergies or special food requirements. We cannot provide special meals for children.

10. Will there be alcohol-free drinks?

Alcohol-free wine or mineral water is always served to those who want it. Table water is available for everyone.

11. When paying to LiU’s account, do I need to enter a message or OCR number?

In order to trace the payment, it is best if you, as main guest, make the payment for your guest(s) and/or wreath. If someone else is paying, the main guest’s name must be entered.

12. I am a new doctor. Should I include my supervisor and/or his/her guest among the guests I can invite?

No, the supervisor you specify in the registration will be invited separately by the Master of Ceremonies, and the supervisor will be able to invite one guest.

13. As a new doctor, what do I do if I want to invite more than one supervisor to the ceremony?

LiU will invite one supervisor – the one you specify in your registration. If you want to invite more supervisors, you can invite them as one or more of your three guests.

14. If my principal supervisor is not able to attend, can I specify my secondary supervisor’s name in the registration instead


15. Will the supervisor I specified in my registration be seated close to me at the banquet?

Yes, we always seat supervisors close by, except for when your supervisor has more than one new doctors at the same time.

16. When I specify a guest during registration, will he/she receive a separate invitation to the ceremony?

No – so it’s important that you inform your guests about times, dress code and other details.

The Gala Concert

1. Do I need tickets to the gala concert on Friday night?


2. May I bring different guests to the gala concert than the ones who are my guests at the banquet?

Yes. For the guests you bring to the concert, you don’t specify names, just how many.

3. Will bus transport be arranged between Norrköping and Linköping?



If you can't find the answer to your question above, please contact promotion@liu.se

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