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Welcome to Linköping University

Helen Dannetun, rektor
I hope that you will be happy in your new job, and experience LiU as a workplace with an open and permissive climate of discussion, characterised by good comradeship. I hope also that you feel that you have come to a workplace where people see and appreciate you, a workplace that offers interesting challenges and stimulating tasks, a workplace that inspires enthusiasm and pride.


Helen Dannetun


Our Story – watch the film that mirrors our identity

“Linköping University was born in an era of opportunity. Decades of industrial prosperity had delivered a welfare state and social model that were admired worldwide. Further success beckoned – provided Sweden could produce enough well-educated people to spearhead its workforce. Assisted by generous state-funded student loans, the next generation was ready to sign up en masse for higher education.”

LiU statistics

The university in Linköping opened in 1975, as the sixth in Sweden. Its activities have grown since then, and Linköping University, LiU, has expanded to both Norrköping and Stockholm. We are 32,000 students and 4,000 co-workers on four campuses.

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More statistics, information and annual reports can be found on the LiU website liu.se

Research, education, collaboration

Our main activities are:

We are an independent government agency. This means that we are free to determine which programmes and courses we offer, and how they are structured. For this reason, educational programmes and courses with the same name can differ between institutions of higher education.

Introduction day for new co-workers

We arrange introduction days for new co-workers twice a year. This is an opportunity to learn more about LiU’s overall strategic initiatives, the world around us, the world within, and our core activities: undergraduate education and research.

More information


For answers to any questions you have about employment or your introductory period, contact the HR partner at your department (or equivalent). Contact details for the HR Division at liu.se

Do you consider that anything is missing from these pages? Do you have any comments about the information here? Contact the communications officer, Sara Hammarsten.

Employee benefits at LiU

More information about employee benefits is available at liu.se

Our stories

Our stories are one of the ways in which we can express who we are, what we know, what we do, and what we stand for. We work in an amazing environment and we achieve amazing results. We want LiU to continue to be an attractive employer and an attractive university for students.

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Last updated: 2019-05-09