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Salary payments – register your account number with Swedbank

Linköping University is changing the bank that manages salary payments. With effect from April 2018, all employees will receive their salary from Swedbank, instead of Nordea. 

You must register your account number

In order to ensure that your salary (or other reimbursement) is paid into the correct account, you must register your account number with Swedbank. You must do this, no matter which bank you use. Swedbank customers must also register their account number. If this is not done, there is a risk that you will receive salary in the form of a giro form. Remember that you must personally be the account holder (or joint account holder) of the account you register.

Proceed as follows

Register your account number at www.swedbank.se/kontoregisterRegistration can be carried out either with or without electronic proof of identity (BankID). It is also possible to register your account by visiting a Swedbank or Sparbank office.

The account number has two parts, a clearing number and an account number. Clearing numbers from Swedbank/Sparbank have five digits, while those of other banks have four. A clearing number is not to be specified for a salary account (personkonto) at Nordea.

Note that Personkonto is to be checked only when registering a salary account (personkonto) at Nordea (where the account number is the same as your personal identification number (personnummer)). If this is not the case, check Bankkonto.

Questions and answers

If you have any questions please read through the Q's and A's by clicking the link in the menue to the right. Further questions can be asked to lon@liu.se.

Income-tax demand new employees

New employees are required to submit an income-tax demand note (skattsedel) to their workplace. You can order a demand note from the Swedish Tax Agency’s website. If you do not submit a demand note, then a so-called penalty tax according to taxation table plus 10 % extra will be withheld. Any tax adjustments should be submitted without delay to your payroll administrator.

Tax information for employee (pdf)

Swedish Tax Agency’s website



Instructions Swedbank account registration

To the instructions (pdf)

Questions and answers

To questions and answers about LiU changing bank (pdf)

Open an account in Swedbank

This is how you open an account in Swedbank (pdf)

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