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Welcome to LiU´s Equal Opportunities course

LiU is to be characterised by an inclusive work and study environment in which all co-workers are treated with respect and where the conditions are excellent for working and developing.

At LiU we carry out extensive and targeted work to promote equal rights, equal opportunities and equal obligations. We work also to counteract all forms of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, victimisation and exclusion. This is our work towards equal opportunities, known by the term Equal Opportunities. The body known as Equal Opportunities involves around 50 co-workers and students who together work strategically and operatively for gender equality and equal opportunities.

A course to increase our understanding of how we can contribute to a more inclusive place to study and work

Work to ensure equal opportunities is to permeate all aspects of operations at LiU. Each individual can take responsibility and make everyday contributions in different ways to a more accessible and inclusive place of work and study. Your contribution helps to drive the university forwards, and this Equal Opportunities course is intended to give you the tools you need to achieve this.

Briefly about the course

The course is divided into four parts:

  • Why Equal Opportunities? About Equal Opportunities in a broader social context, historically and legally.
  • Gender equality. About the development and importance of gender research.
  • Norm awareness. What norms are, what impact they can get at work and how an increased norm awareness can contribute to a more inclusive working life.
  • What happens if someone is a victim of abusive treatment at LiU? Two concrete, and fairly common, situations from everyday work at an institution of higher education and how the case may be managed; and the types of resources and support that are available.

It is possible to take all four parts in one session, or spread them over several occasions. The course takes about two hours to complete, and also provides significant opportunities for you to read in more depth about topics that interest you. The course contains both statistics and reflection exercises and is ideal for discussion, for example during APT.

Good luck!

Equal Opportunities course

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