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Equal Opportunities resource groups

The aim of the resource groups is to make possible a knowledge base for each relevant ground for discrimination within the Equal Opportunities body, and ensure that this knowledge base is maintained. The resource groups nominate one expert representative, who advises the Equal Opportunities Strategic Group. The resource groups contribute to, among other processes, identifying areas in which development is needed, and proposing actions that LiU can take as part of its active measures.

The resource groups consist of students and co-workers at LiU with knowledge about and interest in the relevant area. Since research is carried out at LiU in all of the relevant fields, it is intended that this expertise be represented in each group. Experts from other organisations and government agencies may also be members of these groups.

The following resource groups have been established:

  • Gender equality
  • Ethnicity and religion or other belief
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation and transgender identity or expression
  • Age (the group currently has only one member).

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Last updated: 2017-12-27