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Gender lectureship - a model for gender mainstreaming  in higher education.

The assignment of a gender lectureship

- to actively contribute to the gender mainstreaming within the content and/or form of study programmes and to develop pedagogical models for permanent work based on equality and gender. This means the initiation of competence-raising initiative, evaluation, providing inspiration and continuing professional development.

Form of education

Education must be provided in such a way that men’s and women’s experience and knowledge are clarified and developed. Gender sensitivity in practice is important to counteract unequal power relationships between women and men.

Content of education

After completing their education, the students should have acquired knowledge and an understanding of the influence exerted by sex and gender at individual and society level, so that they benefit from this knowledge in their future working lives.

What is a gender lecturer at Linköping University?

A gender lecturer is a researcher, well established within the faculty, who works with the integration of gender issues within study programmes on a part-time basis.

  • Ph.D.level/Researcher– to provide credibility
  • Well-established – to be heard
  • Part-time – to maintain contact with core activities (with the faculty)

Gender lecturers

Faculty of Educational Sciences: 

Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Stina Backman. 

Institute of Technology: Vivian Vimarlund. 

Faculty of Health Sciences: 

Folder about gender lectureship

Do you have questions?

Contact the co-ordinator for the gender lecturers: Elisabeth Samuelsson 


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