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Gender equality

When working or studying at the university, you have the right to a workplace and study environment free from discrimination and sexual harassment. Strategic and operative work to promote equal rights and opportunities, independently of sex or other grounds for discrimination at LiU contributes to the government’s objectives within gender equality, and creates the conditions required for LiU to reach its strategic goals.

Work with gender equality at LiU takes its starting point in the requirements stated in the Discrimination Act for active measures, equal rights and opportunities, and its prohibition against discrimination. Other starting points for the work include the gender equality objectives of the Swedish government and its tasks within gender equality, and LiU’s ambition to achieve gender equality at all levels.

Work with gender equality at LiU is organised on several levels and carried out by several actors. The Equal Opportunities body is responsible for executing university-wide work with gender equality that contributes to and creates the conditions required for local work with gender equality at LiU. Equal Opportunities collaborates with holders of gender lectureships, the Forum for Gender Studies and Equality, student organisations, student unions, etc.


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Last updated: 2017-12-27