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Ethnicity and Religion or other belief

When you work or study at the university you have the right to fair and equal treatment independently of your ethnicity, and the religion or other belief you have. It is a goal that activities be carried out in forms that make it possible for each individual to develop, based on his or her personal conditions.

Resource group with focus on ethnicity & religion or other belief (AGERA)

AGERA is a subgroup to the Equal Opportunities Strategic Group with the task of positively, actively and continuously working with issues, and working to improve conditions for students and co-workers, independently of ethnicity, religion or other belief.

The members are currently:

  • Alma Basic - Länsstyrelsen i Östergötland
  • Douglas Scott - Kyrkan på universitetet
  • Mia Andersson - studeranderepresentant
  • Maria Mitradjieva - TFK
  • Ulf Craemer - UF


The Immigrant Institute

The Immigrant institute is a non-governmental organization whose aim is to be a documentation centre on immigrants, refugees and racism, with an archive, and a library. 

The Equality Ombudsman (DO)

DO is a government agency that works on behalf of the Swedish parliament and government to promote equal rights and opportunities and to combat discrimination. 

The Bureau Against Discrimination in Östergötland

Offers free legal advice, information and education.

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