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When moving abroad, one of the most important practical matters is to find a place to live. Hopefully the information found in this section can help you do so.

Finding a house or an apartment to rent in Linköping or Norrköping can be challenging, especially at the start of the semester in August/September as well as in January. Well in advance of your arrival, we advise you to contact different housing companies or private landlords to begin the search for accommodation. 

As it might be difficult to find a long-term solution straight away, it can be a good idea to find a short-term solution to begin with. Find something to rent for one or two months. It might not be the type of accommodation you were expecting or in the area you prefer, but remember that it is temporary and that you will find it easier to find something more suitable for you in the long run once you are in Sweden. Also bear in mind that housing in Sweden is costly, and most people spend a larger part of their income on housing. 


Many of the housing companies have a queue system where you collect points for each day you are registered in the system. Often you can register from your home country. It is advisable to register early in order to receive as many points as possible. These accomodations are usually unfurnished and the contracts are until further notice. See more in the section "Unfurnished housing compaines".


Another option can be to rent an already furnished accomodation. This is often done through private landlords or furnished housing companies. The prices tend to be slightly higher as they are furnished and water, electricity and wi-fi is included. This can still be a good option for the first month or so, as it is easier to find permanent accomodation once your are on sight in Linköping or Norrköping.


To the left you can find useful tips on these respective categories of accomodation and also other useful links. 





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