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Byggnad med text LiU Linköpings universitet, i förgrunden snö, ett svart järnstängsel gör att man ser att det är en backe.

Stricter restrictions affecting university activity introduced

(Updated 12 January 2022)

The rates of COVID-19 infection are accelerating, and the Swedish government has as of 12 January introduced stricter infection control measures. Linköping University has adjusted its activities to take account of the situation. Since 23 December, LiU has been operating at pandemic level 3.

The following applies this January:

  • All individuals must take responsibility for helping to reduce rates of infection: this includes getting vaccinated, limiting socialising and other close contacts. If you feel even the slightest symptoms that may be COVID-19: stay at home and get tested.
  • In-person teaching is still the default, but crowding and large gatherings must be avoided.
  • Distance teaching is used for groups of over 75 people to reduce footfall. Distance teaching can, however, also be used as a complementary tool for smaller groups.
  • Exams are held in-person for groups of up to 150. This applies from 23 December up to and including 31 January. Linköping University meets the recommendations for resits that the government and Swedish Higher Education Authority have given.
  • All those who can work from home should do so. There are, of course, exceptions to this – teachers, for example, should be on-campus for teaching. Check with your immediate manager to see how you can best work.

Pandemic Level 3

From 23 December, Pandemic Level 3 applies, until another level is activated *

Grafisk bild av pandeminivå 3.

An ongoing pandemic within Sweden’s borders, with a certain effect on LiU’s operations.  Restrictions are imposed to a noticeable extent.

* Some deviations from the measures within the current Pandemic Level may have been made.


More information is available here:

(in Swedish) – The Public Health Agency of Sweden (folkhalsomyndigheten.se)

Förebygg smittrisker på arbetsplatsen - Swedish Work Environment Authority (av.se)

Latest updates

An examination where you see the persons backs, sitting and writing at the different tables.

In-person exams to continue despite pandemic

The Swedish government has encouraged higher education institutions to be “generous” with the number of opportunities students have to sit exams. The government has also encouraged universities to review how best to reduce COVID-19 infection rates among students. Linköping University (LiU), which has both increased exam-sitting opportunities and introduced stricter infection control measures (most recently in December), believes that it already meets the government’s requirements.

An empty campus (Campus Valla).

Exams and most teaching to remain on-campus

The Swedish government has announced new measures to reduce the increasing rate of COVID-19 transmission. These measures includes avoiding crowding and large gatherings. As before, on-campus learning is the default for Swedish higher education institutions. Distance learning is, however, to be used with groups larger than 75, in order to reduce crowding indoors.

Winter at Campus Valla, a few persons walking or bicycling.

Increased vigilance but few new restrictions

Today, the Swedish government has activated the first step of its action plan for handling increased COVID-19 infection rates. Linköping University has, therefore, increased its preparedness, and encourages everybody to practise social distancing, stay at home when experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and – most importantly of all – get vaccinated.

A person standing on a sign saying "Håll avstånd".

LiU reactivates its crisis management team

In the wake of the new measures against increased COVID-19 transmission rates presented by the Swedish government on Tuesday, Linköping University (LiU) will today reactivate its crisis management team. A decision about further measures at LiU will be announced later today.

Two people in backlight in front of Studenthuset

New measures against increased rates of COVID-19

At this week’s press conference, the Swedish Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten, FHM) presented proposals for new measures that will be implemented if the COVID-19 infection rate increases in Sweden. Based on this information, Linköping University (LiU) has now begun to prepare an action plan. We are ready to implement this plan following the Swedish government’s decision next week.

Two people on bycycles in the evening in front of the enlighted Studenthuset

Caution required at large gatherings

Take great caution at events with lots of participants, and take measures designed to reduce the spread of infection – these are the principles Linköping University (LiU) will adopt when new provisions related to the coronavirus pandemic come into force on 1 December.

Female nurse and guy with a cap. Both of them wear face masks.

New opportunity for Covid-19 vaccination

Region Östergötland will offer a new opportunity for vaccination against Covid-19 on campus, Tuesday 9 November.


Linköping University has a central crisis management group, which has been in action since 10 March 2020. This group manages and takes decisions relating to how the corona pandemic affects operations. It has the safety of our co-workers and students as its highest priority. Further, the crisis management group aims to secure the various operations at the university in the short and long terms.

In Sweden, the Public Health Agency of Sweden issues recommendations, while the government takes decisions about measures to take to reduce the spread of infection. Linköping University follows these recommendations and decisions.

Towards the end of 2019, it was confirmed that a novel coronavirus that infected humans had been identified in China. The disease caused by this virus, COVID-19, has become a pandemic from which many have died. The infection has now spread all over the world, and has affected many societal functions. Many countries have decided to take extensive measures, such as to close borders and introduce strict social distancing, in order to reduce the spread of infection.



Students are referred to Info Centre

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You are also welcome to ask questions by sending an email to corona@liu.se

Managers are referred to Joakim Nejdeby, who leads LiU's central crisis management organisation, joakim.nejdeby@liu.se

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Region Östergötland (the authority responsible for health services)

The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Emergency information from Swedish authorities

Ministry for Foreign Affairs



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