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LiU is returning to on-campus activities this autumn, in stages

Linköping University will gradually return to on-campus operations during the autumn term according to the decision taken by the government that institutions of higher education can return to ordinary operations and that the previous recommendations for distance mode are rescinded.

The return to on-campus operations will be carried out in stages during the autumn term. The regulations and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden about distancing and the maximum size of groups are still in place. This means, for example, that teaching will continue to be carried out remotely to a certain extent, and that co-workers will work alternately on campus, in order to reduce the risk of infection.


Keep it up, keep your distance and act responsibly

During the pandemic: stay at home if you have any symptoms, be meticulous about hand hygiene, and avoid large gatherings.



Affischer och bordsryttare

Latest updates

Concert at Kalas 2019

Press briefing sets spotlight on student parties

The spread of infection of Covid-19 is increasing, and we are seeing outbreaks of infection in several towns with significant student populations, often linked to student parties. The government press briefing on Friday afternoon was for this reason directed to the more than 400,000 students in Sweden.

Student riding the bike on Campus Valla in the autumn.

Gradual return to campus mode to continue

The gradual return from distance mode to campus mode will continue during the latter part of the autumn term. Restrictions will, however, remain in place to prevent an increase in the spread of coronavirus among students and co-workers.

Test tube, Corona. Photo: Istockphoto

Cluster of cases confirmed at LiU

It has today been confirmed by the Infectious Diseases Unit at Region Östergötland that around ten students who attended a private party have been infected by the covid-19 virus.

Co-worker at Infocenter keeps distance.

How to help keep the infection rate low

The spread of infection of COVID-19 is low in Sweden at the moment, but the danger is far from over. Together we can contribute to maintaining the positive tren

Folding rule. Photo: Charlotte Perhammar

Further details on this autumn’s return to campus

New students are prioritised, physical distancing applies, co-workers are to alternate between work on campus and at home, and domestic travel is allowed to a greater extent. These are some of the concrete consequences of LiU’s successive return to campus-based operations this autumn.

Kårallen at Campus Valla.

Return to campus as planned – but can proceed more slowly

The new term starts soon, and normally the campus would be packed with students. This year will be different. But for the first-year students, the university management will proceed as per previous decisions.

Female sitting in front of a laptop.

Clarification of exam-related concepts

The activation of distance mode this spring has made it clear that it is necessary to introduce a new concept for a “written examination in an examination hall taken in distance mode”. The LiU management has therefore decided to introduce the concept of a “distance exam”.

Kalas event 2018. Photo: Göran Billeson

A combination of digital and physical reception activities

Receiving thousands of new students this autumn under the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic will be truly challenging. We will present something quite unique, and it is our ambition that the reception activities will be both physical and digital.

Digital exam. Photo: Charlotte Perhammar

Restrictions during the autumn

Linköping University will begin the transition to on-campus operations at the start of the autumn term, with certain restrictions to prevent the spread of infection of COVID-19. This means, among other things, that priorities must be set with respect to what can continue to take place remotely, and what can be carried out in a more normal manner.


Linköping University has a central crisis management group, which has been in action since 10 March 2020. This group manages and takes decisions relating to how the corona pandemic affects operations. It has the safety of our co-workers and students as its highest priority. Further, the crisis management group aims to secure the various operations at the university in the short and long terms.

In Sweden, the Public Health Agency of Sweden issues recommendations, while the government takes decisions about measures to take to reduce the spread of infection. Linköping University follows these recommendations and decisions.

Towards the end of 2019, it was confirmed that a novel coronavirus that infected humans had been identified in China. The disease caused by this virus, COVID-19, has become a pandemic from which many have died. The infection has now spread all over the world, and has affected many societal functions. Many countries have decided to take extensive measures, such as to close borders and introduce strict social distancing, in order to reduce the spread of infection.



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