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Bild: Studentmottagning ht 21. Foto: Magnus Johansson

Return to campus after remote work and study

(Edited 10 September 2021) 

Starting on 29 September, employees of government agencies who have been encouraged to work from home during the pandemic will return to work on site.

The crisis management team at LiU recommends that co-workers gradually increase their physical presence on site in an orderly manner, such that after approximately a month it reaches the level that was prevalent before the pandemic. A gradual return to campus-based teaching will also apply to LiU students. It is the course management of a course that determines the speed and extent of this return.
The advice to get vaccinated, wash our hands and stay at home if we experience symptoms remains in place.
The Human Resources Division is currently drawing up draft guidelines for distance working in the longer term. It is expected that these guidelines will be published in October.

More information at: A gradual return from working from home




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Students in front of the I Building

A gradual return from working from home

Starting on 29 September, employees of government agencies who have been encouraged to work from home during the pandemic will return to work on site. LiU is planning a gradual and phased return throughout October.

A woman with a patch on her arm.

Get vaccinated on campus!

It is now possible to get vaccinated against Covid-19 on campus. Temporary vaccination centres will be set up on Campus Valla and Campus Norrköping on two Tuesdays in September, 14 and 21.

Students biking in the Märkesbacken at Campus Valla.

Still important to avoid crowding during the autumn

LiU’s decision to return in stages to a more open campus during the autumn term remains in place, but the speed of the return will be influenced by how the infection continues to spread and how rapidly people get vaccinated. The most important thing now is to follow the guidelines set out to reduce crowding on LiU premises.


Get vaccinated at Feelgood

It is now possible to make an appointment for vaccination against Covid-19 at Feelgood in Norrköping and Linköping. We present here information about where, when and the booking procedure.

Student reception activities at Campus Valla, autumn 2020. Photo: Magnus Johansson

Gradual easing of restrictions during the autumn term

LiU decided on 1 June that pandemic level 2 will be in force at the start of the autumn term 2021. This means that somewhat larger groups can meet physically, and that more teaching and exams can be carried out on campus. It also means, however, that we must continue to keep our distance.

Studenthuset, several floors with students studying.

LiU preparing for gradual opening

The general guidelines published by the Public Health Agency of Sweden relating to distance teaching for institutions of higher education will be withdrawn on 1 June. This means that gradually increasing amounts of teaching and exams can take place on campus, while the restrictions to reduce congestion and the risk of spreading infection will remain in force until the autumn.

Image resource: 1177.se

Making Covid-19 vaccination easier

“When your turn to be vaccinated comes, I hope that you take the opportunity as soon as possible”, says Pia Rundgren, director of human resources at LiU. The university is taking initiatives that will make it easier for co-workers to get vaccinated.

Sign that says Keep the distance. Photo: Charlotte Perhammar

The pandemic – not over yet

As increasing numbers are vaccinated against Covid-19, expectations are increasing for a rapid return to “normal”. At the same time, pressure on the healthcare services remains extremely high. In the current situation, our conclusion is that we must keep it up and keep our distance for the foreseeable future.


Linköping University has a central crisis management group, which has been in action since 10 March 2020. This group manages and takes decisions relating to how the corona pandemic affects operations. It has the safety of our co-workers and students as its highest priority. Further, the crisis management group aims to secure the various operations at the university in the short and long terms.

In Sweden, the Public Health Agency of Sweden issues recommendations, while the government takes decisions about measures to take to reduce the spread of infection. Linköping University follows these recommendations and decisions.

Towards the end of 2019, it was confirmed that a novel coronavirus that infected humans had been identified in China. The disease caused by this virus, COVID-19, has become a pandemic from which many have died. The infection has now spread all over the world, and has affected many societal functions. Many countries have decided to take extensive measures, such as to close borders and introduce strict social distancing, in order to reduce the spread of infection.



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