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Updated 2020-03-16 update on examination online and IT-support for students

Updated 2020-03-16 - FAQ on Corona.

Teaching and learning online

This page is a collection of resources for teaching staff, that needs to teach online. The material is a compilation of the basic tools available already at LiU. The compilation contains online guides and is supposed to be used for different kinds of teaching activities. The recommendation is to begin with digitization of the content matter and using our LMS Lisam for distribution.The second alternative is to use live video tools for online activities. In the latter case, there might be limitations in server capacity. Please chose Teams if you can, since the capacity on Zoom is limited (2013-03-13). 

You can always contact Didacticum to discuss educational development using ed tech or sign up for a course held by our IT-department. They provide tool-oriented courses and are also available through drop-in-sessions.

We will soon also provide more information on digital examination as a part of this resource. 

IT-tools and software for teaching online

  • Microsoft Office 365 (Windows/iOS), for instance PowerPoint, Word and Teams
  • Zoom (Use your liu-id to log in)
  • Course room in our LMS LISAM including video channel. 

Try to use a headset (even a smartphone headset is good enough) but you can also use the built-in microphone in your laptop.

IT-services and support for students

IT-support for students - you find it here.

Examination online

Access the resource Examination online. 

Library online 

Access the resource Library online.

Analog goes digital 

The table below is a way to provide options for the on-campus ways of teaching to be held online with the tools available at LiU.

The activities can be executed by either the teacher and/or the student(s). In the table T stands for Teacher, S stands for student. 


Learning through

Digital learning activity 

Tools at LiU


Reading books, papers, lectures, demonstrations 

Digital content 

Record digital presentations in PowerPoint (lectures, demonstrations, lessons) (T) 

Search for digital content online relevant to the course for distribution in LISAM. (T) 

Sharing a learning activity live through Zoom, where every individual join using their own device. (T+S) 


Distribution of digital material in LISAM. (T) 

Acquire the digital material in LISAM (S) 


Video, Document management 


Screensharing, showing a PowerPoint, using digital whiteboard.  

Office 365 

PowerPoint for creating digital content: adding audio tracks to presentations,

screencasting, editing video and exporting as MP4.  


using study guides, collect data, discuss with others

Tutoring using Zoom or Teams (video/chat) (T+S) 

Using the discussion board function available in LISAM. (L+S) 

Remind the students to use their formal it-infrastructure: Zoom and Office 365. (T) 


Discussion Board 


Video calls 

Office 365 

Teams, chat or video calls 


Practising exercises, field trip, role-play activites 

Interaction using Zoom or Teams (video/chat) (S) 

Design quizzes and tests in LISAM. (T) 

Design forms and surveys using Forms.  (T) 

Do the tests, quizzes and surveys in LISAM/Forms (S) 


Quiz and test 


Office 365 

Teams, Forms 

Production and presentation 


Presentations, seminars, writing essays. 

Presentations using Zoom or Teams where you can show PowerPoints, digital whiteboards, share screen. (S) 

Holding seminars (webinars) with breakout-rooms in Zoom (T+S) 

Create digital content using PowerPoint. (S) 

Publishing and distributing the content using LISAM. (S) 

Tutoring using the tools which suits the situation. (T)


Submissions (max 100MB), Collaboration room 


Presentations, Breakout-room 

Office 365 

Teams, PowerPoint 



Seminars, group-based learning activities 

Using Zoom or Teams for synchronous activities and discussions (T+S) 

Using the Discussion Board in LISAM or message threads in the Teams-chat. (T+S) 


Discussion Board 


Office 365 




Small group projects, discussing others output, building joint output 

Interaction, collaboration using Zoom or Teams (video/chat) (T+S) 

Tutoring using Zoom or Teams (T) 

Distribution of material using OneDrive/LISAM  (S) 

Use the group submissions function in LISAM (T+S) 


Group submissions, Document Management Collaboration room 


Office 365 


The table is based on Types of learning and the different types of Conventional and Digital Learning Technologies that serve them s. 96 Teaching as a design science - Building Pedagogical Patterns for Learning and Technology (Diana Laurillard, 2012, Routledge) 

Guides and tutorials 

Zoom and Teams 

Online meetings and working outside the office 

Zoom video tutorials (Zoom Help Center) 

LISAM (classic course room) 

Using Video in LISAM 

LISAM guides in english (teaching staff) 

LISAM guides in English (students) 

Digital content creation 

PowerPoint for Windows training 

Office 365 Training Center 


Questions about this resource: didacticum@liu.se 




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Last updated: 2020-06-15